That Guy Actor of the Week: Frank Whaley

You might recognize Frank Whaley as the “what?” guy from Pulp Fiction.  You know the “say what!  say what again!” seen where the dude is drinking his Coke from Big Kahuna and gets shot repeatedly.  That is Frank Whaley.

What you might not recognize is that Whaley’s been in tons of movies.   While he’s got 84 titles to his name there are a couple that I happen to enjoy.   My favorite is his starring role in the movie Swimming with Sharks where he plays this little intern at a Hollywood Film studio who gets constantly abused but eventually “finds his way.”   It’s with Kevin Spacey and I truly liked it.

Other roles I liked with Whaley?  He was “Boy” in Little Monsters.   He had a great part in Swing Kids.   He was in Field of Dreams as a young Archie Graham.   Hell you can just go on his IMDB page to see it all.

Nowadays he does mostly television bit parts but I think Whaley deserves recognition for his contribution to TVs and movies.  


You gotta love Spacey here.   Still though, Whaley definitely carried his weight in this.

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