The Evolution of Cosplay in One Image

We feature a large number of great cosplay costumes on the site here, but we often fail to recognize it’s actually a pretty new phenomenon. For the most part, there weren’t average people going out of their way to create elaborate, highly detailed costumes ten or twenty years ago.

I like this picture because it shows the stark contrast between new school and old school costumes. Ornate Kitana is on the left, which probably took hours to craft. Halloween costume Kitana is on the right, which could have taken a matter of minutes to assemble inside a TJ Maxx.

What started this trend? I have to credit the rise of the internet, as now the effort to make a cool costume is worth it because millions can see it on a site like Reddit or DeviantArt or well, Unreality.

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  1. I think the coolness or not of this picture is somewhat rendered into funny when you look at the man in a white coat glaring at them in the background.

    “Take them”

    Ha ha ha

  2. Or the chick on the right is cosplaying (quite well) MKII Kitana, who wasn’t so ornate and decorated. Honestly, for a nerd site, you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. There’d be a pretty big difference between an original Mortal Kombat Scorpion cosplay and one from the 2011 version.

  3. That last comment was pretty harsh considering that it does still show the contrast between old school and new school…look how much more detailed character design is getting these days (now that we have the graphics to support it) and how cosplaying is reflecting it.

    Honestly, for a commenter, you could dig a little deeper before you go insulting someone for sharing something that was on his mind.

  4. Chris Jackson nailed it. I was about the same thing.

    (Except for the whole part about you not knowing what you’re talking about. That’s just rude internet tough guy bullshit.)

  5. I think this shows the evolution of Mortal Kombat rather than the evolution of cosplay.

    The girl on the right is going for an earlier incarnation of the character and has it pretty much spot on.

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