The Best Part of Every RPG


What’s your favorite part of any RPG?

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    1. you must not have Final Fantasy 7…… the point of these meme, is its not the snake saying they got stronger… in ff7 you first meet this snake and cant beat it… but later you have a chance to go fight it again and are able to finally beat it

      1. You’re right! I had forgotten about that… my last FF7 playthrough was like 15 years ago, so forgive my slip up 🙂 thanks for reminding me!

  1. There are way of beating the Zolom when you first get to it. Get the elemental materia from the midgar building. Put the depressed status on, put your characters in the back row. Once you survive beta with enemy skill equipped use beta to kill the Zolom. It’s actually a fun thing to do because Beta is a really powerful spell to have this early in the game It’s like Fire 2.5 and hits everyone.

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