The Biggest Dexter Finale Thread Is About To Form Right Here


Clearly there will be major spoilers ahead here folks so if you didn’t see the season finale to Dexter get the hell out of here.  If you did, then let’s talk about this, like now.  Was the finale awesome?  I’ll tell you something: it wouldn’t have been if not for the ridiculously awesome ending.  Our prayers have been answered!  Although what the hell is in store for single father Dexter?  Good Lord it’s gonna be interesting.

But let’s talk about that a little later and focus on a few cool things that did in fact happen.


OK.  Here we go.

Things I didn’t like

Look, we all know that it’s a TV show and Dex’s criminal work seems a little superhuman.  I mean no one is that good at tracking down people and setting up their little plastic wrapped murder scenes that quickly.  So when Dexter actually caught Arthur even I kind of rolled my eyes at the fact that no one was on the road and Dex just happens to show up with his needle and murder “uniform.”  The timing was just a little too good for my taste.

Honestly the show was just kind of rambling (though I wonder if it was supposed to) and the cat and mouse chase of Dexter and Arthur almost got boring to an extent.  Admit it guys, you know you were all just waiting for something huge to happen and the show was just sort of droning on.  Yeah Dexter gets angry, punches a cop, blah blah.  It was kind of like “let’s get it on already!”

And Rita.  Obviously Rita did more of her usual pissing us off with her sensitive crap.  OK guys, go on your Honeymoon, we get it.  Work on your relationship.   We get it.

And do we really give a rats ass what happens to Laguerta and Batista?  Wonderful, they’re married and have sex.  Yay!

Things I did like

It was awesome that Debbie finally found out about who Dexter really was.  The best line in the entire show was when Debbie says to Dexter “I love you” and he says “I’m so thankful” back.  Hahaha.  That was classic.  But the door is definitely now open for Debbie to get very suspicious about who her brother is next season.  She seemed clueless in the finale, but obviously she’s smarter than that and something tells me their relationship is going to have a big change next season.

Um, how friggin awesome was the ending!!!!  Man was that harsh to watch.  I’m literally getting goose bumps as I write this.  Seeing a baby with all that blood on the floor was truly powerful and truly scary.  But man was that brilliant.  I loved how Hall and Lithgow talked after the show and we hear a great theory on the death of Rita.  How Trinity was intuitively linked to Dexter and how Rita’s death and survival of the baby in a pool of blood were in fact no accident.

The cycle starts anew.  Pretty amazing stuff.  The freaky part is that it’s as if Trinity were still alive even after his death, a truly great mark of a serial killer.

And our dreams have come true!  Finally, no more Rita!  Man I couldn’t stand all her whining and “let’s have a great relationship” crap.  Clearly the producers knew viewers were getting restless of her character.  Hell of a way to shake things up guys.  Nicely done.

My only fear is that a single Dexter might be a little too far fetched.  Granted we know the show is a little out there as it is, but still.  I mean what the hell is next?  Dexter taking the kids to Disney World and having them wait in the car while he goes and kills Goofy?  I’m sure whatever it is, the show will still be awesome.

Bottom Line

Like I said, if it weren’t for that ending the show would have lagged and I don’t think would have been good at all.  But of all the season finales I’ve seen in my life, this one is definitely up there and made the wait for the ending well worth it.


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  1. You left out the raid on Trinity’s house, when Dex was still there! That was a very tense scene and I was on the edge of my seat thinking what the hell are you going to do to get out of this one.

    The ending was AMAZING and totally out of left field. Perfection again on the part of the writers.

    Lithgow will be missed.

  2. It was over the top. Rita’s character was annoying/boring/etc. but that was the beauty of it against Dexter or Trinity. Killing her off (and in front of the kids) was too much. I’m angry about it. So angry still this AM that I canceled my Showtime subscription. Dexter jumped the shark in my opinion. His character needed something steady, like Rita.

  3. Loved it. I must admit they ran a great ad campaign regarding the final twist. I couldn’t come to a reasonable conclusion as to what it may be, so I was tense the entire time watching this episode, especially in the closing minutes, which made for great television in the jaded, post-Sopranos TV world.

    Very interested in what happens between Deb and Dexter next season.

  4. My thought on how Dexter got to Trinity on the road was that he was the one who removed the oil cap and was hiding in the trunk…He found the receipt earlier and knew that Trinity would be going back for the car. It’s a shame for the Dexter character though that Trinity was probably killing Rita during the time that Dexter was hiding to catch and kill him later…

    Amazing ending to the season though, and probably my favorite season so far (with 1 right behind). Can’t wait to see how they handle all the possibilities of season 5.

  5. My wife and I both can’t stand Rita. A few weeks ago we were talking about the show and I actually said: What if Trinity kills Rita and leaves the baby in a pool of blood just like what happened to Dexter. I was, in fact, joking but it turned out to be how the season ends.

  6. After someone mentioned it in the last review, I did kind of suspect that they’d be getting rid of Rita. I mean, she was getting to be a big interference for Dexter, and was the catalyst for a lot of his sloppiness this season. But the way they offed her was very unexpected and rather fitting.

    I particularly liked the parallels between Dexter and his father that they played up throughout the show. I thought that aspect was very well done and having Deb find out about Dexter’s mother at the same time led to some great foreshadowing.

    I have to wonder though, with Rita out of the way, how is the show going to deal with the interruption of Trinity’s pattern? They’re going to be looking for two more victims, and when they don’t show up the cops are bound to get suspicious. And there’s no way Dexter can hide that mess he came home to.

    It really seems that they’re putting an emphasis on Dexter becoming his father, and his son becoming Dexter. I doubt that the show will ever go on long enough to see that story through, but considering that Harrison also has a brother and a sister, are we going to start seeing those two paralleled to Dexter’s serial killer brother and Deb, respectively?

  7. Holy shit, that was fantastic. The last four episodes of the season have been amazing, even though it got off to an incredibly rocky start.

    This is EXACTLY what everyone wanted to happen, and the parallels drawn in the final scenes and the way it fit into the plot as a whole was just an added bonus.

    Expect Dexter to be on an insane rampage at the beginning of next season, which is something I think we all want to see. Then I’m predicting his capture and trial for the series final in the season after that. This really is one of the most well-written and executed shows on TV today.

    As much as I didn’t like your character Julie Benz, I thought you did a good job, so bon voyage, best of luck and stay out of any future Boondock Saints sequels.

  8. Yeah, I think you missed the part where Dexter was hiding in the trunk, I agree he had the kill room set up quickly but it was a long stretch of highway and he was in the trunk, so mystery solved on that one.

    also, I think a lot of people are missing the point of Rita, yes she was annoying and naggy, but I never hated her during this season. She goes above and beyond, but it is her right as a wife to want to know what’s going on with Dexter, they have a kid together and she just wants him to be 100% committed. I think it was a great ending to the season and it was intense, but I can’t honestly say I am pleased that Rita is dead. I just can’t. I have to agree with the bit about Dexter as a single serial killing dad too.

  9. Dexter in the back of Trinity’s car makes perfect sense. The bit I’m confused about, and only realised while thinking back, was when SWAT raids Arthur’s house.

    Why did Dexter hide in the coffin, only to get out again before the police actually open the garage. Why didn’t he just run into the garage and get out his badge then and there if that was his plan all along…

    Anyways, sad to see Rita go, but I’m excited about the new possibilities it opens up for the show.

  10. I have to disagree with the original article. I found this season to be very well done and the last episode had me on the edge of my seat the whole entire time (and I can vouch for about 3 other co-workers as well).

    I liked how they came full circle from the beginning of this season (trinity killing victim in bath tub, plus the accident on the same stretch of highway that Dexter had his misshap). Also I have to agree with “freestyle55” in the fact that I thought Dexter was in the trunk the whole time, but it does leave one wondering if he was in the trunk while Rita was being Murdered.

    Regardless I called this exact scenario in my last post about Dexter, it really is the only logical choice to go (after all it is a show and they do need to open up a whole new can of worms for the viewers).

  11. I just finished watching it 10 minutes ago…and…my heart is doing cartwheels ! John Lithgow HAD to go out with a BANG! I’m thinkin’ Season Five Dexter is gonna be more like Trinity in a sense, kinda cold hearted and methodical, Dexter has always been hold hearted and methodical but in Season Five he’ll be THAT more so than ever.

    Furthermore KILLING Rita WILL ultimately draw Debra to think that MAYBE The Trinity killer killed her to get back at Debra for Christine. However we all know it’s to get back at Dexter and of course Dexter will blame himself for it.

    My predictions for Season Five, Dexter ends up on his own table. How in the F*CK do you top John Lithgow ?! Seriously ! He set quiet a bar…I just wonder how they’re gonna pass it this time. I’m on goosebumps until next Season.

    -Strange Out

  12. i agree with the finale being kind of boring… i had read a couple people’s post talking about how epic the ending was, so i was just waiting for that the whole time. i’m glad rita’s gone. he can easily find another dumb chick to replace her; she’s totally interchangeable and brought nothing buy annoyance to the show. also, to “Nah” bashing the brutality of the show… are you kidding me? it’s supposed to be shocking and violent, yet smart. and trinity killed rita in front of the baby, not “the kids” as they were away at disney world.

    my issues with the episode were the fact that dexter slipped up so much and wasn’t precise like his character has become to be known. also, the inner monologue / arguments he has with Harry are starting to get annoying.

    i hope the show starts to mimic the books in the fact that deb finds out what he is but keeps it quiet and he starts to “mentor” cody and aster… as for rita dying, once again it was her fault because she was being stupid…. dexter had her safely in a cab on her way to the airport but the bimbo “forgot her id”???? completely unbelievable and she deserved it for that little token if not for the massive amount of grief she has given dexter and the audience.

  13. My husband and I have been watching Dexter on Showtime since it debuted. The writing of the series is intelligent, witty and will keep you on the edge of your seat, leaving you wanting more, more, MORE! The character of Dexter is brilliant, as well as Michael C. Hall, who plays the character to a tee. You will not be disappointed with this purchase.

  14. [b]”my issues with the episode were the fact that dexter slipped up so much and wasn’t precise like his character has become to be known.”[/b]

    But wasn’t this supposed to be the point of this season? Wasn’t this the reason he was in a jail cell arguing with himself? Everyone knew that Rita and the family was bringing Dexter down, but it wasn’t until that moment in the cell where Dexter final realized it. Well now we’re going to be left with a Dexter in season 5 who is going to beat himself up about it (b/c the fact of the matter is that Dexter did develop real feelings for Rita…..the feeling of guilt and embarrassment when being picked up by Rita is full justification.)

    As far as predictions go; if he calls the police and they investigate (like “Ugo Strange” said Deb will blame herself) then they will probably further investigate Trinity family which will probably start to lead them to “Kyle.” Deb will probably start to put the pieces together first (b/c after all this case is way to personal for her now) and approach Dexter about it, she’ll probably start to know by the time season 5 ends.

  15. I kind of disagree with everyone who stated about Dexter hiding in the trunk while Arthur killed Rita. In my mind at least, the time line doesn’t quite run like that. I feel like Arthur left in the morning and went to Deb’s place, immediately followed by Dexter’s, where he encountered Rita (returning ti get her ID) and killed her. I assume this all happened prior to Dexter finding out Arthur had left his family and the SWAT invasion.

  16. I’m thinking Dexter will only be a single father of one. Harrison. I think Astor and Cody will go live with the “goofy” grandparents conviently introduced at the end of this last episode. I don’t recall him ever oficially adopting them. Just a thought.

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