The Best Straight to DVD Find I’ve Ever Seen

I laughed when I saw the cast, but I lost it completely when I saw the tagline that explains that ridiculous title. And here I thought the only good straight to DVD movies anymore were the Transmorphers or any other similar box office knock offs. Glad to see the shitty movie genre is still in full swing.

I’m not sure who to be the most sad for here. Joey Fatone should actually be thankful that anyone considered him relevant in 2006. Jamie Lynn Sigler was still doing The Sopranos at this point, so there’s really no excuse for this. Whoopi was probably drunk the whole time, and I don’t know the other guy. As for poor culturally confused Donald Faison? At least whoever casted Skyline didn’t see this atrocity, or else they would have never let him close to an actual film like that.

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  1. I had a friend in High School, who was black (kinda looked like a skinny version of Tupac) but had an Italian father. In grade 9 he always wore Lazio jersey’s, played soccer and only had pants that fit properly. By the time we graduated he changed in to a wanna be thug that pretty much ditched his Italian heritage.

    A part of me can’t blame him, he wasn’t accepted by the Italian community and nor the blacks, funny how society can push people into being/acting different.


  2. I’ve actually seen this movie in its entirety and its nothing like you’d expect given the title. It’s more of a dramedy and while terrible, not as bad as it initially seems

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