The Best of the GI Joe PSAs


I usually don’t post videos that are ten minutes long, because who has the attention span for that these days? But I’ll make an exception in the case of this GI Joe PSA compilation.

You may have seen one or two of these, but I doubt you’ve witnessed all of them before. The story is that there used to be short PSAs at the end of every GI Joe episode to promote safety among dumbass kids. Fenslerfilm came along and decided that they would be infinitely more hilarious with redubbing, and he was right.

Watch about to see “pork chop sandwiches!” and so much more. The full ten minutes is worth it.

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  1. Oh man, thanks for this. These got my friends and me through the darkest days of cramming for finals back in college. We still quote them to each other.

    Who wants a body massage?

  2. Classic stuff right here. My friends and I were quoting these yesterday even though we probably haven’t watched them in years. My favorite will always be the gay one. “Don’t forget your sandwiches!!”

  3. Yeah these are pretty classic….”Body Message Machine”

    “Last one to the ice is a penis pump….ah SHIT!”
    “Heh what are you kids doing on my property……throw him the rope…no…don’t throw him the rope.”

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