The Best of Modern Seinfeld

Though many of you may still be avoiding Twitter like the plague (and I can’t blame you), there are a few feeds out there that are definitely worth following. One of them is “Modern Seinfeld,” where a pair of funny guys have taken it upon themselves to pitch new Seinfeld episodes as if they were taking place in 2012.

It’s actually quite shocking how many of these are actually good. I hunted through the list and found the ones I thought would make the best actual episodes. I know that the gang wanted to go out on top, but I think we need them more now than ever. Are they really doing anything all that important besides being rich? I say they reunite and bring some of these to life.

Check out my favorites below:


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  1. These people did a fantastic job of coming up with plots that would fit well in the Seinfeld world.

    This makes me miss Seinfeld more than I already did.

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