I Like Watching Degrassi High: The Next Generation – Yeah I Said It


I know that I’m probably going to get slammed for even writing that title but for God’s sake please let me explain myself.  Look guys, honesty is key on this site and for us to have an interactive positive relationship we’ve gotta own up to some stuff.  I’m owning up to the fact that every time I come home late on a weekend after a few drinks and Degrassi High shows up on Nick at Night or whatever channel it is, I watch it, and I enjoy it.

Now, I’m not gonna get all into the characters and what not because honestly I have zero clue what’s going on and what show is where.  Hell I don’t even know what season I’m watching.  I’m pretty sure it’s different shows from different seasons but alas, let me share with you exactly what the appeal is.


OK.  You’ve got all your bullshit shows like Gossip Girl and The Hills or whatever right?  Here’s why I hate these shows.  A.  They’re completely shallow and B.  Filled with drama that pisses me off but C.  The real reason is because so many damned girls actually look up to these shows and want that to be real life.  It’s as if these shows are taken seriously and aren’t just ridiculous fodder, which they are.

So the fact that girls (and some guys) take this shit seriously really bothers me (as does Sex and the City).  However, when a show takes itself off the spectrum of “real” it becomes much more entertaining.

Jersey Shore” is a great example of this.  I mean 90% of the people who watch this show have to be laughing the entire time.  You literally lose yourself in it and allow yourself to be entertained the whole time.  It’s when chicks start caring about a show that I begin to hate it.  I don’t care about Jersey Shore at all, which is exactly why I like it and find it hilarious.  I would never be these people or strive to.  I know how silly it is and thus I can enjoy it.

Well, I feel the same way about Degrassi High.  It’s a ridiculous teen drama that’s so serious that it’s funny.  The acting is absolutely horrible but there are a few hot chicks, Canadian accents, and real teen issues that are funny to watch.  I’m telling you guys.  Late night, get home drunk, put on this show.  It’s worth a shot.

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  1. Is canadian accent sexy?
    Well anyway, there are a lot of supid shows I watch and I listen to music I might be too ashamed to tell. so I guess it’s okay.

  2. You guys are crazy. There’s no such thing as a Canadian accent eh? Well, except for the Newfies and the French, but the rest of the country doesn’t talk like that.

  3. If you can get your hands on the original Degrassi Junior and Degrassi High they are well worth it! As a Canadian who was raised on that show it’s worth every penny.

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