How the Sausage Gets Made: Inside Politics on the Big and Small Screen

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“Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.” Otto von Bismarck

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you who will be snuggling up with a loved one and Happy House of Cards Day to the rest of you fine folks who will be watching Frank Underwood manipulate fictional America.  Nothing says romance and love like putting on your slanket, sipping a bottle of wine and watching Kevin Spacey’s dead eyes stare into the darkest corners of your soul.  And just in case this long weekend does not provide you with enough political inside baseball, I give you the political shows and films to watch:

West Wing


Synopsis: This TV series follows a democratic President and his staff as they navigate the murky political waters of DC

Perfect for: political idealists, left leaners, Aaron Sorkin fans, anyone with an unnatural ability to “walk and talk”

The cherry on top of this TV show: Rob Lowe in a suit for the first four seasons, Yo-Yo Ma playing at the faux White House

The West Wing is streaming on Netflix.


In The Loop


Synopsis: A British black comedy about the UK and US government on the verge of war (a spin-off film from the BBC show The Thick of It)

Perfect for: people who love expletives, cynics, anyone who needs a cathartic release from their horrible boss, fans of Veep, Peter Capaldi disciples

The cherry on top of this film: The late James Gandolfini makes an appearance as well as the always hilarious Steve Coogan

In The Loop is streaming on Netflix.


Wag the Dog


Synopsis: A Hollywood film producer is hired to create a fake war in Albania to distract the country from a political sex scandal

Perfect for:  people who do not perceive a difference between Hollywood and politics, distrusting fans of Argo, anyone who believes in the political powers of a bag of Tostitos

The cherry on top of this film: Besides the beauty of watching Dustin Hoffman and Robert DeNiro in the same film? Woody Harrelson’s character goes insane.




Synopsis: A mockumentary about the Senate race for a dark horse candidate in Wisconsin

Perfect for:  the people of Pawnee, those who thought The West Wing wasn’t folksy enough, college students who watch all of their TV on Hulu Plus, Wisconsin Badgers

The cherry on top of this film: In the middle of the season there’s a flash back episode that spoof’s MTV True Life, featuring the real life Dave Holmes.

Battleground is streaming on Hulu Plus.



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  1. Nothing for right leaning people? Probably because there isn’t anything, I was actually kind of hoping you had found some hidden treasure show in that vein. Oh well,

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