The Best New Addition to Game of Thrones

ser pounce

I’ve always looked forward to Game of Thrones each week, but now that there’s a cat involved? It just became even more of a must-watch.

Ser Pounce (not “Sir Pants,” as some have been saying) made his debut this past weekend, (spoilers) rescuing Tommen from awkward silence as bride-to-be Margaery tried to pry some secrets out of the boy king.

Tommen explains how Joffrey often threatened to murder the cat and feed it to Tommen, and now (more spoilers) Joffrey’s dead, and Ser Pounce lives on. Coincidence? Or was the feline instrumental in the assassination somehow. I think we all know the answer to that, and it’s no wonder he deserves his own sigil as seen above.

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