Female Ninja Warrior Competitor Is Pretty Much a Real Life Superhero

People who couldn’t care less about Ninja Warrior have been passing this video around the past 24 hours, but you know what? I’m a Ninja Warrior hipster. I was watching when it was only Japanese and Nagano scaled the last tower for the first time.

Now it’s something of a fun summer past time in America, as competitors compete to try and make it to the Japanese version of the course. Qualifying itself is brutal, and now, for the first time ever, a woman has qualified to go to the famed Japanese stage of doom.

Her name is¬†Kacy Catanzaro, a world-class gymnast whose qualifying is a big deal not just because she’s the first woman to do so, but also because she’s just so damn tiny. She’s five foot zero, meaning obstacles that six foot guys can simply stretch to if they want, she has to LEAP to. This happens a few times in the video, and it’s just amazing what she can accomplish simply being so much smaller than her competitors. Oh, and she also can bust out an Arrow-style Salmon Ladder like it’s no problem at all, in case you think this is all some magical gymnast agility trickery. Truly amazing stuff.

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