The 10 Most Badass Fan-Made Lightsaber Fights


Back in 1977, Star Wars provided some of the most amazing visual effects anyone had ever seen in a movie.  The effects still hold up rather well today, including the cool, glowing look of the lightsaber.  The thing is, the visual effects have become pretty easy to reproduce, so much so that even amateurs can do it.

We’ve all messed around with our friends and had lightsaber fights, and now thanks to modern technology, we can  make the lightsabers look “read” and add our very own sound effects to sync with the action.  And thanks to YouTube, those lightsaber fights can be filmed and shared with the world.  Some of these fan-made fights are very impressive, as you’ll see after the jump.  Enjoy the 10 most badass fan-made lightsaber fights.*

*Hat tip to reader “zero.”

Ryan vs. Dorkman:

Ryan vs. Dorkman 2:

Concrete Hustle:

Rescue at Mos Koesta:

Theft of the Viridian Crystal:

Ryan vs. Brandon:

Ryan vs. Brandon 2:

Symphony of Sabers:

Garage Warfare:

Duel of the Invincibles:

*Bon us, from reader “Hyuri:” Art of the Saber:

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