That Guy Actor of the Week: Tom Hodges

He’s not a known name in the acting world.  He really hasn’t done much in the last five years or so, but Tom Hodges is tops in my book.   If for no other reason than the fact that he played Tiny in Revenge of the Nerds II:  Nerds in Paradise.  But it doesn’t stop there.  He was a bullying football player in Lucas and even appeared on Facts of Life as Ernie.

Hodges always seemed to land roles where he was kind of a dick.   He just has that look.  Blond hair and a bit of an evil thing going on.   Anyway, I just wanted everyone to remember this guy because chances are that you recognize him.  Nowadays Hodges is in his late 40s and barely acts.

In fact I have no idea what he does.  In fact we can’t even provide a clip but here’s to you Tom.


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