The Legend of Zelda Evolution Logic


Anyone agree with this?

The more I read about Zelda lore, the more I think the entire world would be better off if the goddesses would just stop “respawning” Link and Zelda. Half of the times Ganondorf wouldn’t even be able to get what he wants if Link and Zelda wouldn’t accidentally open the way for him.

Heck, in Windwaker they deliberately flooded the entire world because Ganondorf was close to winning and no Link showed up. And that WORKED until Link re-emerged anyway, reassembled the lost piece of the Triforce and straight up re-opened Hyrule for him.

If they would’ve just cut off the Link lineage there and then Ganondorf would’ve been stuck above sea-level forever and could at best just have been a huge dickhead to everybody, but not much more.

You could argue Link and Zelda need to keep existing so Ganondorf can’t just nab the Triforce for himself but a) he does that every time anyway and b) they already successfully shattered the Triforce (or part of it) in Windwaker so why not just leave it at that?

They pretty much have to keep creating Links just to fix the shit the previous Link broke.

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  1. Play skyward sword. It explains that *spoilers!!!!* that demise cursed them and that they will forever respawn and fight basically. *end* Plus, in this game world, there literally are God’s, goddesses, and magic. A single race transforming at the whim of a goddess to protect a secret doesn’t sound too far fetched. I personally think the “zora”/ruto” are simply a race highly attuned with their current god. They switch from jabujabu to the dragon, they morph to birds in response. This transformation is incomplete though and they have to be blessed by the dragon to recurve their wings.

    1. I thought that Demise said his hatred for gods and goddesses would make him come back. The Goddess Hylia said that when the world was in trouble both she and Link would be reborn.

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