That Guy Actor of the Week: Robert Costanzo

I’ve always loved Robert Costanzo.  He’s your typical blue collar part guy.   When you need a dude with a thick New York accent who can play a plumber?  Robert Costanzo is your man.   I mean let’s look at Robert.  He was born in Brooklyn and his dad’s name was Carmine.  Come on folks!  If you need stereotype then look no further.

I remember seeing him in the movie City Slickers where he had a bit part of a guy who shows up to show and tell and talks all tough.  I loved it when he said “don’t do drugs.”

Anyway, Costanzo has 249 titles to his name.  Yes, 249.   Dude’s been around.  Now you can see him on TV most of the time but he’s still that type casted Brooklynite, and I love it.

Here’s a clip of Costanzo…..

Here he is in a 1981 clip from Barney Miller.

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