The 6 Worst Movies Turned Musicals I Can Think Of


There has been a very disturbing trend increasing in Broadway over the last 20 years.  It’s the turning of normal movies into musicals.  Granted there have been some successful musicals turned into movies such as Grease and Chicago (just to name two), but doing it the other way around is extremely difficult.

I feel like any old movie is now being turned into glitz, funny hats, dance routines and the singing of words that should simply be spoken.  Dramatic plays are one thing, and I wouldn’t mind if that were an increasing trend:  making movies into dramatic plays.  But musicals?  Come on!  Why do I need to hear Spiderman belting out a Chorus?

Oh and by the way, musicals are one of my least favorite things in the world.

Here are 6 really bad movies turned musicals.

High Fidelity


Really?  A movie about a depressed record store owner was a musical?  Yup, and it even got a Tony nomination.  For what I have no idea.  But can you picture John Cusack’s character making up his funny lists, but singing them?  About the only possible funny character would be the one Jack Black played.  But give me a break.  That this thing had 13 performance let alone one in 2006 is just wrong.
The Lord of the Rings


No.  Absolutely not.  How can they possibly do this?  So Gandalf and Bilbo are just supposed to chill in song?  All of these epic battles are going to be set to lame music.  What are they going to triumph by singing “Lord of the Rings! Lord of the Rings!  The Ring!  Yay! The Ring!”  I might throw up. Don’t believe this was a play?  They have a whole website damnet.

The Wedding Singer


Apparently only 2 of the Sandler songs in the movie made it to the musical.  And let me ask you something.  Doesn’t Sandler kind of sing enough in the movie?  I mean the once in a while songs are what made the movie funny.  Do we really need to here 80’s Glen break out into song?   I can just imagine the Spaghetti and Meatball scene set to music.  Uh oh, I think I’m gonna puke again.  I mean give it a rest Broadway!

When Harry Met Sally


Now this movie I could see being an excellent PLAY.  But a musical?  Why?  Why oh why would you set this damned thing to music?  This was such an amazing movie in my opinion.  It explored real life, real relationships and was profoundly funny.  To think of them making a mockery of the orgasm scene just makes my blood boil.  Did you know this gem starred Luke Perry and Alyson Hannigan? I couldn’t possibly think of a worse combo.


Seriously, don’t get me started here.  I’m not even going to bother examining how bad this is.   Word is that Spiderman will be coming out within the next year.  Granted U2 has apparently signed on to make the music but I just want to hit someone thinking about this movie being a musical.  I hope they do some flying scene where Spidy dangles in front of the audiences and falls on his ass.

Grumpy Old Men


Yes, it’s real.  Grumpy Old Men:  The Musical.   I’m done here.  I’m just too angry right now.  Seriously.
*For the record I heard Shrek is horrible and I’ve actually seen the musical Young Frankenstein which may have been the worst play I’ve seen in at least the last twenty years.

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  1. Hey, do NOT judge the LotR musical. The music is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the setting of Middle-Earth. And the production was amazing; the things they accomplished on that stage were nothing short of jaw-droppingly astounding. Such a shame it’s no longer on the West End.

  2. Evil Dead the musical. Hey lets take a beloved cult classic, write terrible songs, hire people who can’t sing or act, and fill it with jokes fifth graders would think were lame. It was terrible!! The musical started saying it was based on Evil dead one and two, but the majority of the dialogue was Army of Darkness. This could have been brilliant, but it wasn’t even bad in a good way.

  3. terrible movies made into musicals is…. i can’t even think of a word horrid enough to describe it.

    so how about “legally blonde”… really people? really?

  4. I saw LOTR The Musical in Toronto. It was amazing… I was skeptical b/c I’m a huge fan of the book and the movies. But I was blown away, and as Katherine said the music was beautiful and the stage was astounding. They had to make a special stage for the show (which involved a 3-4 rings which spun in separate directions, and each ring was split into pieces which raised independently of each other, as did each ring; they used this for scenes when they climbed mountains, and Mt Doom)… they used the bouncing stilts like they used in The Lion King for the Orcs and Goblins… and Gollum’s performance rivals Andy Serkis’.

    And at the end of the 1st act, was the Balrog scene… Gandalf turns his back to the crowd, the lights dimmed, orange lights turned on behind a curtain and a silhouette of the Balrog appeared… suddenly we noticed a warm breeze hitting our faces – they turned on heated fans blowing at the crowd to make it seem as if we were there – and then something starting hitting my face… when the lights turned back on, I saw what was hitting me… black confetti and streamers, which represented ashes. Absolutely amazing how they broke the 3rd wall and involved the audience.

    So… Don’t knock it if you didn’t see it 🙂

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