That Guy Actor of the Week: Michael Lerner

He always plays that kind of a douchebag heavy set guy who you kind of want to punch in the face.    I think that’s about the best explanation I can give.   I mean I’ve never seen Michael Lerner ever play a nice guy, have you?

To me there are two roles that really stick out that Lerner was just so annoying yet you had to like it because he played the parts so well.  The first was Harlem Nights where he played gangster Bugsy Calhoun.   The second was the movie No Escape where he played a ruthless warden with no name credited.

All tolled, Lerner has 151 titles to his name so he was long overdue for a spot on this site.   A clip of Lerner after the jump…..


Here’s a nice clip of a young Lerner playing a therapist.

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