That Girl Actor of the Week: Fabiana Udenio

I wouldn’t expect any of you to know Fabiana Udenio by her name but I would imagine the names Anna Maria Mazarelli and Alotta Fagina probably ring a bell.   Personally I didn’t think she was all that attractive in Austin Powers but man oh man, remember Summer School?

For all you young people out there, I highly recommend you see this classic from 1986.   In any event, Udenio played a foreign exchange student from Italy.  We got to see her in a bikini for a couple of brief moments so that was nice.

Other than that Fabian’s puttered around television over the years.  She’s got 59 titles to her name and most recently appeared on the new 90210.  I really just put her up here to pay homage to her Anna Maria and Alotta characters.

A fun clip of Udenio after the jump…..

And yes, this is the classic red bikini clip from Summer School.  Don’t you just love this site?

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  1. Summer School…one of those underrated gems of the 80s. God, she was hot in that movie. And the preggo chick played Amanda in the Saw movies.

  2. Summer School was fantastic.

    “Aaaarrrggh. Tension breaker. Had to be done.”

    Chainsaw and the other guy. The surfer girl who ended up being in Ally McBeal.

    Plus Mark Harmon was so cool and Kirstie Alley was slim

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