System Shock Remake is Now a Reality

System Shock is a beloved title that was originally released back in 1994. This game is basically about a hacker who is stuck on a corrupted base called Citadel Station that is overrun by a rogue AI system known as SHODAN. Players will be tasked with surviving the horrors of this place, all while scavenging to find resources, weapons, and items to outwit the cyber menace lurking about. Veteran developers who worked on Fallout, Bioshock, and Mass Effect are teaming up to bring this remake to life. Even though there have been some rumors whispering throughout the echo chambers of the video game industry about this project, nothing was confirmed until now. Even though this remake is a surprise, it’s a welcome one at that. This is both a passion project for older gamers who grew up playing the original and an introduction for the newer generation. System Shock is considered a classic and it’s being reborn with next-gen hardware.

Even though this game is late in development, there is an intense amount of excitement behind it. System Shock remake is going to stick with the basic formula of the original. However, there will be things updated and enhanced to help give it some freshness and make it feel like a worthy addition to today’s FPS library. There is a hefty amount of care and respect being done for this project. In fact, the original voice actor for SHODAN is returning to reprise their role. This game is one of the first FPS that came out since this genre’s conception. Back in the 90s, the first-person perspective with video games took a little time to gain its footing. System Shock is the game that basically perfected the flow of first-person combat, inventory management, and suspense all in one game.

Shock and Load

System Shock has been under development for a few years, thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. Now, it is nearing completion with its development and a new gameplay trailer was just dropped. As the gameplay footage suggests, this game is aiming to be an old-school FPS with some modern twists. There is definitely a cyberpunk motif happening along with its futuristic weaponry. The general aesthetic of this game looks entirely different than its 1994 counterpart. However, the HUD and inventory screen still looks fundamentally the same. This remake will have a semblance of similarity to older gamers, all while providing a fresh outing that compliments today’s specs. The hacking minigame, for instance, is still in place in this remake and it reflects the rudimentary mechanics that were used back in the 90s. The shooting mechanics definitely have gotten an overhaul, however. Sparks, blood, and bolts of electricity crackle out of the damaged appendages of enemies.

There appears to be no ‘aiming mechanic’ in System Shock. Evidently, this was a deliberate design choice to allow this game to keep its original feel. It is really no different than the recent incarnations of DOOM. Simply line up the cursor and shoot. There is no looking down the irons, here. Pistols, shotguns, pulse rifles, and all the classic weaponry will be up for grabs, of course. Then, the classic hammer and laser rapier will be returning in this remake, as well. The reloading animations look very different and more elaborate. There is more of a satisfying look and feel of how the guns function. The grenades will be making comeback, too. However, players won’t need to worry about cycling through all the different variations. Instead, there will be one grenade and it will have different functions to it which will come in handy in varying scenarios.

 Cyber Warfare

The level design with the System Shock reboot appears to be on point. The hallways are symmetric, condensed, and full of danger. Thus, the neon lights soaking the surfaces look like eye candy thanks to the more advanced dynamic lighting software that is now available. The melee mechanics, however, look pretty much the same. A simple swing and dodge ability appears to be in place, with no blocking or countering features to be seen. Of course, the puzzles will also be making a comeback with some enhanced visuals and tighter gameplay. Everything that made System Shock so revered throughout the gaming community appears to all be in place with this remake. Even though the graphics aren’t necessarily next-gen by any means, they still have that dated charm to them with a lot more polish. Also, let’s not forget about the faster framerate, which is now the standard with today’s FPSs.

Even though this System Shock remake had an uphill battle to get into development, things are finally coming together. The development for this game is finally at the home stretch. The only thing left is to sort out the bugs. Hopefully, if this game is successful, then the gaming community could be seeing more remakes of other games of this age. A Bioshock or Half-Life remake using the Unreal Engine 5 would be glorious to see. There is no telling what the future of gaming could have after the release of this game. Speaking of which, the release date for System Shock isn’t too far off. It has been a long wait and the recent release of the gameplay trailer definitely shows off how far the game has come. From what was seen, this looks like a solid installment to the System Shock lineup and it could potentially reel in a new generation of fans.

Hackers Unite

The System Shock remake is due to be released possibly either later this year or early 2023. The developers haven’t locked in official launch date, quite yet. When it does come out, it will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux. No word on whether or not System Shock will be coming out for next-gen consoles. It will be a wasted opportunity if it doesn’t. Chances are there will be upgraded versions for this IP whenever they’re available. Right now, the developers just need to wrap up their initial goals for general release.

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