Superheroes Changing History


Here’s an interesting little photoshop experiment, although one I believe has a lot more potential than just these four pictures.

It imagines what would it look like if our modern superheroes existed back in ye olden times (WWII through the Castro era). We see two renditions of Batman, one Superman and one Spiderman. I think you could probably have Wolverine in a few Civil War photos, but maybe that’s just me.

Hit the jump for the other three pictures, and shout out your own hero/history combinatins and I’ll see if maybe I can put my own photoshop skills to the test.




[via rxfresh]

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  1. i know hes not really a “hero” but magneto should def be thrown in some WW2 pictures since he was in a concentration camp. Maybe some of him fighting some Nazis would def be one of the few times he would be on the good side of things

  2. I thought for sure we would see a pictureof Captain America at the signing of the Declaration of Independence or crossing the Delaware with GW. But if you want to use an actual photo you can use some picture with say Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Cap. from WWII

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