Street Fighter 6 – Cammy Character Breakdown

Street Fighter 6 certainly doesn’t have any shortage of characters to choose from. Cammy has become a popular fighter among players who first encountered her back in 1993 with Super Street Fighter II. Being an English brawler, she comes with special gauntlets that look like they could break all of your teeth with one punch. Additionally, she also comes with laced combat boots that were tailor-made for kicking people around. She’s not the strongest fighter, but her quick and tricky move set makes her a prime choice for mixing up attacks and keeping opponents on their feet.

Being a viable alternative to Chun-li, Cammy is more of an ‘up close’ fighter that doesn’t have the best range. However, she comes with an assortment of combos that can go on for days. She comes with a few punishing attacks that can allow her to dodge projectiles and re-position herself. The main thing about Cammy is that players should mix things up and not spam any particular move even though most of her moves are flashy and fun to pull off. There is much more to her than what meets the eye and even seasoned players will be surprised by what she has to offer.

She was always a mousy, light-footed character and this hasn’t changed in this sixth major installment of this franchise. She is one of the fastest characters in this game and closing the gap between opponents feels natural. She comes with some nifty anti-air moves and some grapples that can set up opponents for air juggles. Her moves can also be canceled, which will trip up other players when a certain animation is unfolding. She comes will many options on how to go around blocks and cornering tactics.

Cammy’s Power Moves

Cammy’s Power Moves are all about zipping around the arena and getting in close. She is crafted to be a little brawler that is difficult to pin down. She is best used when mixing up her attacks and keeping her opponent guessing what is going to happen next. Her move set is similar to Ryu and Ken with their rolling execution. She’s not the strongest fighter on the roster, so the trick is that players will need to master her combos in order to dish out any decent damage.

Quick Spin Knuckle

Roll a fourth of a circle backward and hit punch. Cammy will unleash a spinning backhand punch that can be used for breaking through guards. It is also useful for dodging projectiles. This is a quick move that can close the distance and surprise opponents. Try and use it to start up combos and follow up for more devastating attacks.

Spiral Arrow

Roll a fourth of a circle forward, then press kick. Cammy will do a spinning torpedo kick with both her legs, propelling her forward. This can be a surprise attack when it comes to closing the distance. Thus, this is also a nice way to launch some combos. This is one of her most recognizable moves and it can deal some pretty good damage when placed properly within a combo.

Cannon Spike

Roll a ‘Z Pattern‘ then press kick. Cammy will execute a rising kick that can be used for either starting air combos or as an anti-air defense maneuver.

Cannon Strike

Roll a fourth of a circle backward, then press kick. This move will let Cammy flip into the air and kick straight down onto her opponent. This is a good way to invade projectiles and stay on top of opponents.

Hooligan Combination

Roll a fourth of a circle forward, then press punch. Cammy will pull off a flipping move toward her opponent, which can be followed up in a few ways. Pressing kick will do a miniature Cannon Strike move. Pressing down and kick will enable her to execute an unblockable flipping kick. Pressing punch and kick simultaneously will perform a throw. Lastly, simply pressing punch will cancel the attack.

Cammy’s Super Arts Moves

So, Cammy’s Super Arts Moves are essentially juiced-up versions of her Cannon Strike move. She will also follow up with some grappling moves, allowing some hefty damage to her attack. On top of that, one of these moves can be done aerially, which can really trip up her opponent if done correctly. They are powerful standalone attacks, which can also be ingrained naturally into a number of combos.

Killer Bee Spin

Roll a fourth of a circle backward, twice. Then, press kick. So, this move is her “Super Cannon Strike.” The animation unfolds quickly, and it can punish an opponent at a moment’s notice. Additionally, this move can also be done while in the air—ideal for either starting or finishing combos.

Spine Drive Smasher

Roll a fourth of a circle forward, twice. Then, press kick. Cammy will perform a massive ‘Spiral Arrow‘ move, finishing it with a ‘Cannon Spike.’ What is neat about this move is that the first few frames are invincible, which can help Cammy tear through projectiles against zoning characters.

Delta Red Assault

Roll a fourth of a circle forward, twice. Then, hit punch. This move will unfold an animation, showing Cammy zipping around her opponent with a flurry of kicks. This move is a good way to get around projectiles. Not to mention a flashy way to end combos with.


Cammy can be a lot of fun to experiment with in Street Fighter 6. Her quick animations and bone-crushing moves mark her as one of the favorites among light-weight brawlers. She is a comfortable fit for players who use Ryu or Ken as their main. Players who are hesitant should check her out and see how she handles. Street Fighter 6 is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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