Star Wars vs. Game of Thrones

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I think that memes are dying, at least the ones of the “white text on a picture variety,” but there are a few last hurrahs that are still pretty funny.

This is one is called Game of Thrones vs. Star Wars, and has the two series trying to compete with each other in a variety of ways. Usually it’s Star Wars that comes out on top, despite being the kid-friendlier program, but I laughed at the one above the most, so I featured it.

The idea has actually spawned an entire subreddit, and I pulled down a few of my favorite entries to share with you all that you can find below:

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  1. Nice, I found this last night and had to share with it everyone. That being said, I’m curious, why do you think memes are dying? Perhaps I’m missing something but I see more and more people sharing them everyday. There are even Facebook threads where people communicate in nothing but memes.

  2. Dear God, they are going to burn down the internet! In response to the Tyrion/Skywalker daddy issues post, I’m guessing that Luke hasn’t read the books…

    Memes are dying (in a sense) because they are going mainstream and losing the things that made them funny in the first place because the people spreading them usually don’t even get the joke. My local high school has “Stay Calm and Husky On” on their marquee (husky is the school mascot). KEEP, you idiots! It’s KEEP CALM!!! See also: the Family Guy Effect.

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