10 Ridiculous Scenes From SyFy Original Movies


Have you ever watched a SyFy original movie?  To call them absurd would be an understatement.  Don’t get me wrong – they can often be sort of fun to watch – but drama isn’t really the calling card of the SyFy network.  I wish they’d get their act together and put some decent movies in rotation (sort of like how Comedy Central has done with movies like Office Space and Hot Rod), but it looks like the network instead opts to churn out formulaic original movies where a handsome guy and a hit girl confront some sort of computer-generated beast.

Below, take a look at 10 particularly ridiculous scenes from 10 ridiculous SyFy original movies.

Alien Apocalypse


Hey look, it’s Bruce Campbell!  And those aliens look a lot like prawns, huh?

Anacondas: Trail of Blood


Anacondas are so over the squeezing to death technique; chomping off the head is so much more effective.

Aztec Rex

Cannonballs bounce off, but an arrow sticks?  Ok, sure.

Basilisk: The Serpent King

It’s pretty tough to feel sorry for this woman.

Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep


Tentacles indeed.

Ice Spiders

Easily the least-frightening creatures found in a SyFy original movie.

Mega Snake

You do not mess with Feedback.

Swamp Devil


Kind of reminds me a bit of the Swamp Thing crossed with Alex from the game Prototype.



I kind of wanted it to keep trying to get through that door.


This is really a bunch of clips, but I think you get the idea.

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  1. Great collection of clips. I love watching Syfy movies for their awesome cheesiness. Dinoshark was pretty much a laugh riot. I can’t always make it all the way through the movies but generally they are just good mindless fun.

  2. I guess those movies doesn’t have too big a budget, and with that in mind those clips are quite impressive. The wyvern thing actually looked pretty rad. (The monster, not the movie)

  3. @ Warren

    With Dinoshark, you have to think they’re TRYING to be cheesey. Which is fine, so long as it’s self-aware.

    @ Deodorant

    The wyvern is the best looking one, yes. Maybe on par with the dragon from Dragonheart. The snakes crack me up, though.

  4. Try Komodo vs. Cobra. Actually, any scene in that entire movie’ll do. From imdb: “The movie ends like a race at the special olympics. Retardedly.”

  5. I sat through all of Alien Apocalypse. Not only did it have Bruce Campbell, but Renee O’Connor (Xena’s sidekick) was the female lead. That movie was like a car wreck. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. You gotta love (or completely despise) a movie with giant termites terrorizing humans.

  6. THe only thing in Alien Apocayse i couldn;t take my eyes off is Renee O’connor fine and i mean fine ass in that space suit. Good lord that woman is gorgeous.

  7. Honestly, has SyFy ever made a decent “original” movie? From what I have seen they can even conceive a good plot much less produce a movie. Monkeys with typewriters could do better job and the folks running the channel have got to know this, if not monkeys run the network.

  8. SyFy Movies are nothing special this days in the past they were making some original movies now after the change of the name there programing not so good.
    Thanks for this funny post by the way.

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