Star Wars Goes Full Samurai

It’s no secret to most that Star Wars drew on a number of classic samurai stories and films for its depiction of the Sith and Jedi, but what if the series was ACTUALLY a samurai epic?

We’ve seen such a thing imagined in action figure form, but now we have a more traditional view of what might have been through Steve Bialik.

He has a whole series of prints rendering our favorite characters in ultra-traditional Japanese art style. It’s hard to immediately tell who some of these are, but give it a minute and most should make sense. Check out the rest below:

Han, Chewie and more on the next page:

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  1. It makes zero sense NOT to depict vader wearing a traditional kabuto helmet, after all that’s where Lucas drew inspiration for his helmet.
    Also, the word Jedi itself comes from the japanes therm Jidaigeki, which literally translated means period drama, but is often referred to as samurai drama for it’s glorification of the traditional Japanese warriors during the Edo period.

  2. @ wevs

    waaah waaah look at me I’m a super nerd and nothing is good enough for me. STFU and appreciate the sheer genius of it.

    Going with the Samurai helmet for Vader was the easy way out. I commend that the artist did not go for something obvious.

  3. FNG, you seem to have sand in your vagina, care to remove that and then try communicating like an actual person, not a raging PMS hooker?
    Also, I never said the pictures weren’t good – I like them. And no, the easy way out in this case is slapping a generic oni mask and a (and a coffee filter hat?) topknot

  4. @wevs

    Not to get too nerdy, but George Lucas didnt actually come up with the look of Darth Vader. All it said in the script was a “Tall man in black robes.” The concept artist Ralph Mcquarrie came up with it and most of the look of star wars.

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