“Star Wars” Darth Vader Stovetop Kettle Will Bring You To The Dark Side

For the true ‘Star Wars’ fans out in the world, there is no stopping all of the memorabilia and merchandise that can be had in your home to celebrate the iconic franchise. From bedding, to bath accessories, to movie posters, action figures, books, games, and so much more, there are so many things coming out to show off your dark side. The same goes for this new Darth Vader stovetop kettle that has been released, which will add a stylish and subtle piece of the ‘Star Wars’ universe to your kitchen setting each day. The kettle shows off a sleek design that will make any fan jealous when you start making a pot of tea, and it will make the most perfect addition to your stove top! You can see its amazing and eclectic design via the link below:

The design of this stovetop kettle itself is what sets it apart from all of the rest. The kettle is built out of food grade stainless steel, meaning it has the durability and sustainability to resist rust, dents, and any other damage that might come its way once it is in your home. The stainless steel is also coated in a black colored matte enamel finish to give it that darker and more sleek feel. The finishing touch, of course, it the light saber handle that will make ‘Star Wars’ fans swoon with envy. The subtle nuance to the Darth Vader stovetop kettle is what makes it so unique and amazing, and it will also be able to stand the test of time in your kitchen. Aside from its cool outward appearance, the kettle operates the same as any other kettle that you will find on the market, with a whistle that sounds as soon as kettle is warmed up and ready for tea time. It is also the perfect size for any type of stovetop that you may have in your home, making it truly a hard piece of kitchenware to refuse.

As we said before, when it comes to celebrating all things ‘Star Wars’ and the legacy that the franchise has left behind for so many years, there is no limit to the nuances and items that you can add to your home. The same goes for the new Darth Vader stovetop kettle, which will let you channel your dark side each and every time you go in to make a pot of tea. With its sleek design finishes, along with its one of a kind light saber handle, you won’t want to ever put it down or stop showing it off for the many years to come. With all of that said, this has been our closer look at the new Darth Vader stovetop kettle. If you would like one for your own home, or if you want to find other pieces to add to your kitchen that are similar to this one, you can find all that and more for purchase on Amazon.

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