LEGO Reveals A TRON: Legacy Light Cycles Set

LEGO has been a toy brand for many generations, allowing for young minds to build and create with a wide array of blocks and other pieces of all colors, shapes, and sizes. The brand has expanded over the years to release various sets of blocks and other pieces that bring some of your favorite worlds and characters to life, from many different film franchises. The latest of these sets to be released by LEGO is none other than a TRON: Legacy Light Cycles set, and it will make many fans of the TRON franchise very excited. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the new TRON: Legacy Light Cycles set, and what fans can expect as they put it all together. Let’s get started.

About The Set Itself

The new TRON: Legacy Light Cycles set will take fans back to the world of the Grid, which we are all familiar with from the 2010 film that the set is constructed after. Each set features the LEGO characters of Sam Flynn, Quorra, and Rinzer, each with their own identity discs as well. The set will also come with the sword that Quorra uses throughout the film. Along with these little LEGO characters, the set also includes the pieces and instructions to build two of the light cycles (one that is orange and the other that is blue). The attention to detail is fantastic in this set, featuring all the translucent pieces that you could ask for to complete your light cycles, as well as pieces to leave a light strip tailing behind your cycle as well. In total, the set is composed of 230 pieces for your building and collecting enjoyment.

How It Came To Be

If you have ever wondered how some of these sets make it to mass production and release status in the world of LEGO, we have the answers for you! Before any set idea comes to life, the idea itself must receive a total of 10,000 or more vote submissions from fans. Once that has been recognized, the idea is brought forth to the company, and is deliberated on potential release. This has been the case for many different relics, if you will, from other famed movies, such as the Ecto 1 vehicle from ‘Ghostbusters’, and even the DeLorean Time Machine from ‘Back To The Future’.

It may not seem like it at the time, but it takes quite a long process to get some of these iconic and classic LEGO sets in the works for mass production. In the end, we find it to be totally worth it. The new LEGO TRONG: Legacy Light Cycles set is projected to be released worldwide on March 31st, and is going to be priced at about $35. You can find out more information about this specific TRON LEGO set, as well as many of the other LEGO sets that are available and/or in the works for future release, via the LEGO website.

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