10 Awesome Geek Themed Book Lights

For those of you who aren’t geeks, you need to know there is a Kingdom of Geekdom who has a faithful following that are proud to show themselves as a member of the kingdom. One of the unique characteristics of being a geek is they like to read – a lot. Not just on the computer or mobile device, but these characters actually read books written with paper and ink. For that task there is nothing like a book lamp that says “geek” to everyone who have yet to acquaint themselves with the ancient practice.

So here are 10 of the most awesome geek themed book lamps you can set your eyes on.

1. The Anglerfish Book Light

This kawaii style, flexible and pinkish book lamp is ideal for geeks who like to go under covers to get some privacy and have enough light to avoid eye strain. Those really thick glasses from daze gone by have achieved a level of taboo in modern geek culture. Made of ABS plastic, it is durable and tough, so there is nothing to worry about getting your money’s worth.

2. ReTech Steampunk Lamps

How would you like the J.K. Rowling Sketches and Plot Outlines for Harry Potter as a book lamp to read by? This is just one of a number of unique book lamps created by ReTech that have both an artistic and geeky character to them. You need to go to the website and shop around for a bit. You are sure to find something that they have – or can create.

3. Atomic Age Led Metal Accent Light

For the basic geeky scientist, and we know there are many in the kingdom, this is one of the more controversial book lamps on the list because there are some people who think the LEDs are too dim to be practical! However, there is no evidence that the complainers are people whose eyes have dimmed with age, so based on the positive people we can include it on this list. Word has it that if you are of the electrical engineering type this will interest you.

4. Mario Chain Chomp Lamp

Super Mario Chain Chomp Lamp is one of the more versatile book lamps on this list because it can also double as a work lamp. In fact, it can be used in a variety of creative ways to light up innumerable spaces around the home or wherever you happen to be. It has a 60 lumen, 30,000 hour bulb life that is a hefty 6.5 pounds, meaning that wherever you put it, it will stay. The chain is welded steel, but we know you will find a place for it in your heart – and in your room.

5. Pokémon Light-Up Pikachu

Only serious Pokemon fans will have a deep knowledge of this species. A Pikachu is a chubby rodent who is nevertheless adored by thousands of Pokemon lovers. This lamp provides enough light for you to comfortably read a pen and ink parchment and has the added advantage of an auto shutoff feature. Instead of the more common 3 AAA battery power source, this lamp has a 3 LR44 button cell included, so battery life should not be a problem.

6. Harry Potter Triwizard Cup Lamp

This is definitely one of the truest Harry Potter book lamps you will find anywhere. Besides being perfect for reading, it also adorns your desk or table with the stem and base both lighting up so you can have enough light without letting the world know the treasure you are in possession of. But be careful. It’s made of resin and plastic, so while it’s not fine china you don’t want any cracks showing in your armor.

7. OrLight Hug Light Pro

While this may unfortunately seem to be a less-than-acceptable geeky book lamp, it looks like something only a real geek would be caught wearing. We say wearing because it wraps around your neck like a snake. And because it is versatile, it can be used wherever you happen to find yourself with a book and no light. If you have a young geek-in-waiting, this is perfect because only those under 6 years old are forbidden to use it.

8. Star Wars Millennium Falcon Book Light

No, we didn’t omit the requisite Star Wars options. This is one of two Star Wars themed book lamps in the list. This is the one that you clip on, making it both geeky cool and easy to carry around. The range of the clip is somewhere between .75 and 1.5 inches of book thickness, but you’ll have to work with it a bit to find out exactly it maximum capacity. Its total weight is 2 ounces but powered by 2 CR2025 button cells which are included.

9. Star Wars Lightsaber Book Light

This is the second of the two Star Wars options. With this choice you also get a choice of light sabers! Both the Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader officially licensed Star Wars book lamp. You only need a single AAA battery to see your way through, but it is not included with the lamp. The style and color of the clip will depend on whether you choose The Force or the Dark Side.

10. The Book Light Book

Though the amount of light you need to actually read a book varies from person to person, what better way is there to maximize geekiness than a book light that is actually a book! Well, this book light requires 3 AAA batteries and when you see it on the table it looks like a normal book. But when you open it, each of its pages is an individual light that shines in one of 5 different colors. It actually opens to a full 360 degree circle, making it a circular lamp of sorts.

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