10 Things You Should Know about Logitech Gaming Software

If you own a computer, chances are, you also have some Logitech tech (whether it’s software or hardware) lying around. It’s not surprising. Since the company got its start in 1981, it’s become a household name. Virtually any computer accessory you can imagine (whether it be keyboards, headsets, mice, webcams and even gaming microphones), Logitech has its hands in it. Even though the company and their gaming software are everywhere, we bet there are some things you don’t (but should) know about it. In an effort to bridge this gap, we offer the following interesting facts:

1. Logitech’s designers consulted with over 50 professional gamers to create their new Pro Gaming Lineup

Gaming isn’t as easy as it looks. To be the best, there are certain factors that come into play. Skill, of course, is important. But, ergonomics play a crucial role as well. After all, you can’t defeat your enemies if your hand cramps up from holding an uncomfortable controller. To improve this experience, Logitech wanted to get an insider’s perspective. What better way to achieve this goal than to consult with those that game for a living? Their input helped the designers find the perfect feeling, weight, and shape for their new peripherals.

2. The name Logitech has French origins

Let’s face it, the name Logitech is perfect for a tech company. So, it comes as a surprise that things aren’t quite what they seem. The name still fits but not in the way most would think. It’s actually derived from the French word logiciel, which means software.

3. Logitech’s Blue microphones are built with the company’s most accurate sensor to date

Logitech has long been known as a leader in the gaming peripheral industry. One of their best products, Blue Microphones, provides gamers with a higher quality and more professional sound when talking junk to their opponents. It features the Hero 16K, Logitech’s most accurate sensors. This gives users the speed, precision, and confidence needed to ensure they are always heard.

4. Logitech has its roots in Stanford

Logitech was founded in the early 80s by Pierluigi Zappacosta and Daniel Borel, and an ex-Olivett engineer named Giacomo Marini. Even more surprising, this auspicious beginning occurred in Apples, Vaud, Switzerland.

5. The Pro Gaming Series let you program a number of things

When using Logitech gaming software, the Pro Gaming Series gives you the ability to program several things, like the mouse’s DPI and special buttons.

6. Logitech Gaming retired their old driver software suite and replaced it with a new hub called Logitech G Hub

The old driver software suite used by Logitech Gaming has provided years of loyal service but, reluctantly we must admit, it was a little outdated. We guess Logitech figured that out too because they scrapped the old for the new G Hub. It seems like it was the right move to make. This new software is clear, fast, and easy to use. But perhaps the best thing about it is, you won’t have to create a profile to use it, your email is fine. You will no longer have to remember another password or log on it through Facebook to avoid that hassle.

7. Swiss mice were Logitech’s first creation

The first mice made for the Logitech brand were created in Switzerland. It wasn’t until a decade later that production facilities were established on the Asian continent.

8. Logitech is the name of the company everywhere, except for one place on the planet

Logitech has a worldwide reputation. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who’s never heard of the brand – except in one place. To avoid conflict with the country’s Logitec brand, Logitech is known as Logicool in Japan.

9. If everything had gone to plan, Logitech would be known by a completely different name.

Because of their background in software, the founders originally wanted to call the company Softech. But when they went to register the name, they found out it was already taken. So instead, the founders chose to go with Logitech for the reason explained in #2.

10. G Hub is a lot more flexible than the old software

Although Logitech unceremoniously ditched their old software, their aim to start with a clean slate was a genuine one. As a result, the G Hub is much more flexible than its predecessor. In fact, based on the type of hardware you have, G Hub can download customized modules to create a more personalized experience. It also helps you set custom profiles for certain games.

The Bottom Line

Logitech has long held a spot in our tech-savvy hearts. They’ve been around forever but, things are changing. No longer do stick with this brand because of loyalty, they have stepped their game up to create a new generation of gaming software that will ensure our love for years to come.

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