Spring Breakers Has an Oscar Campaign? Pointless, But Amazing


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Even though I’ve just seen a pair of films that I gave five stars each, Gravity and Captain Phillips, Spring Breakers from all the way back eight months ago or so remains one of my favorite films of the year. Now, it appears that it wants to break out of the niche and land an Oscar nomination or two.

Yeah, right.

But still, sort of amazing.

The poster above wants a Best Supporting nomination for James Franco as Alien, including a quote that extols him as a surely “quotable” character for years to come. Not exactly the right way to sell it, but I did love Franco’s Alien, and weirdly, I could see the nomination being somewhat deserved.

But it will never happen. Nothing about this movie will get nominated for an Oscar, a Golden Globe or a Teen Choice award. It’s WAY too polarizing, and there are so many people that just hate this movie with a passion, it’s going to have to remain an undiscovered gem for a very select group of movie fans. I liked it, you may too, but yeah, no Oscars.


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  1. It’s sad, but true. Franco deserves a nomination for that performance. It will never happen, but he definitely deserves it.

    On another note: Thank you, Unreality, for finally upgrading to Disqus.

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