Soon, You Too Can Pretend to be “Cool” Commander Shepard


Of the many outfits that Commander Shepard could wear on the Normandy when he wasn’t battling Geth or Reapers, he had a dressed down look with a leather jacket that looked vaguely like this.

Now, those of us without the cosplay skills to craft our own version will be able to buy this one from Bioware for the oh-my-god price of $475.00. But it’s like, legit leather, and that’s how much legit leather costs, even when it’s not video game branded:

“Made of 100% Italian Lambskin (the softest leather there is), the jacket moves and breathes with an airy confidence. Lightweight and versatile, it’s comfortable for wearing year-round (and you’ll want to wear it all year since the feeling of it can be addictive).”

I’m pretty sure this is the only Italian Lambskin video game themed jacket in existence, and that very well be worth nearly $500. To someone who isn’t me.

[via Fashionably Geek]

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