Some of the Coolest Bookshelves We’ve Ever Seen

In today’s day and age it would appear that books are somewhat going out of favor.   I don’t mean people writing books or the word “book.”  I’m talking about paper and hard cover versions of actual text.   With Kindles, iPads and about a gazillion other outlets to read books on, physical books aren’t really needed anymore.

However, deep down there’s always going to be a crowd that digs the paper versions best.   And for those people I present this awesome gallery of bookshelves to store said books in.

Check out the books after the jump…..

Check out the rest of the photos below.  Click on any thumbnail to be taken to the gallery.

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  1. This is very cool. As Lee said, I don’t think it would work out in my house, but still awesome. It’s really a shame that books are becoming more and more obsolete. The thought of schools doing away with books and resorting to computers is pretty scary to me.

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