So How About that Iron Man 3 Trailer?


Yes, the Avengers was awesome, but many have been a little nervous that moving back to individual Marvel films might not go so well now. Particularly Iron Man 3 has been worrisome as many didn’t care for the second film (I actually enjoyed it) and director Jon Favreau wasn’t returning.

But this first trailer for Iron Man 3 seems to have set many minds at ease, my own included. What’s not to love here? It only gives enough of the plot away to get us interested, not the whole thing. Who’s running around in a rogue Iron Man suit? What’s War Machine’s new star-spangled role? New director Shane Black was responsible for Downey Jr’s best role outside of Iron Man, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and the actor will probably thrive under his leadership here.

Guy Pearce is in the film which automatically bumps it up a notch, and Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin looks to be an…interesting villain to say the least. Most good comic book movie villains have a memorable voice, and he’s doing his best to make his unique. It sounds like a redneck robot at times, but I could get used to it. Also, freeze framers have noted that he has Captain America’s shield tattooed on the back of his neck, so that’s weird.

What do you think about this first spot? Agree that it looks promising or are you all Iron Man-ed out from three films already?

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  1. I’m game. Could be great, but I’m not getting too excited. 2 was a letdown in spite of all-around brilliant performances from the cast, but this one looks to kick the scope up a notch so I’m holding out hope that this one beats the rule of three (third movie sucks) established by Spidey, Matrix, X-Men, and now Batman.

  2. I thought the trailer was very good and I’m stoked for the movie. Personally I liked IM2. I thought the action was much stronger, though the plot was a bit weaker (especially Rhodey stealing the silver suit, whaaaaaaaaaat?)

    Overall, this looks like it will be suitably epic and Mandarin will be a very serious threat to Tony, which is as it should be. I’m really not sold on the GOLD! armor redesign. I wish they would have actually redesigned the suit rather then jacked up the color scheme. Still, it’s not too bad and looks like the movie will be good despite it. Well, trailers almost always make a movie look good, but still, this was an excellent trailer. Gives you some plot, leaves you with a lot of questions (what’s with the Rogue suit, what kind of danger is Pepper in, etc).

    I don’t know if they should push beyond IM3, at least not for a while. Obviously, Avengers 2 is exempted although I hope they do an actual redesign of the armor for Avengers 2 rather then just monkey around with the color scheme again. All of his armors for the past few movies have looked practically identical and IM3 still really is more of the same (just with lots more GOLD), so it’s time for something new.

  3. Robert Downy Jr. made Iron Man my favorite Marvel character. Bring on Iron Man 3!

    Plus, I’m really excited for the rumored Extremis story line. I’m pretty sure we see clips and flashes in the trailer from Tony Stark’s last fight in the old school armor.

  4. I enjoyed IM2, despite it’s flaws, but this one looks like it has the potential to even top the first one. My guess is that no one is actually in the rogue Iron Man suit, it may be referencing a classic story from the comics where Tony’s armor became sentient.
    Some have speculated that the Iron Patriot style armor might indicate a cameo by Norman Osborn, but somehow I doubt it. It would be nice to get Spidey integrated into the Marvel movie universe, though.
    Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin is definitely the highlight of the trailer, I hope they either keep him around or give him an epic death. One of the issues I have with the past two films is that they set up compelling villains and then kill them off anticlimactically.
    Also, is it just me, or is Kingsley channeling Christopher Walken with some of his inflections?

  5. I too am excited for this film. Iorn man 2 was good, but not as top notch as the first. I feel they HAVE to make this one a hit since it is following the Avengers, and they still have 2 more Avengers to go! They don’t want to lose us right now.

    @Trashcanman- Yes, the spiderman3,x-men3, ( as well as others) sucked, although they did have their high points. Matrix3 was ok. BUT you can’t lump The Dark Knight in there as they took a totally different approach and I believe ended it perfectly. I don’t know how the next batman reboot will top this. ( hopefully christian bale continues)

  6. Also,…. the iron patriot is suppose to be Norman Osborn “reformed”, but sony owns the rights to spiderman so I doubt they are going to give permission for Marvel to use him. Thats one reason why Spiderman is not in the Avengers.

    And I don’t think the red and gold suit that is shown in the trailer over Pepper Potts is anything but a dream. ( as mentioned in the trailer) but you know how misleading trailers can be.

  7. What I’ve heard is that it is Rhodey in the Iron Patriot armor, it is just a recolored War Machine.

    My thinking on the “rogue suit” is that it is empty as well. If the rumors about Extremis are true, then it seems Tony is working on remote controlling his armor with his mind. The scene where the glove flies to him indicates this in my mind. So I’m thinking the armor scaring Pepper and Tony while they’re in bed might be his subconscious or something remote controlling the armor.

    Time will tell . . .

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