The Entirety of The Hunger Games Shot with Beanie Babies


Uh, wow.

I’m not quite sure how you get the idea to re-shoot The Hunger Games using Beanie Babies for the cast. I don’t even think I’ve typed the words “Beanie Babies” in my life before, as that trend died out before I learned how to use a computer. Are they all worth thousands of dollars yet? No? Well, I guess there’s always my Pokemon Card collection that’s going to pay for my kid’s college.

Anyway, some crazy loons decided to film the entire plot using Beanie Babies. It’s eleven minutes long but really, they don’t leave all that much out at all, and it’s pretty damn good. It kind of reminds me of those movies where they re-shoot everything with people’s thumbs. But with Beanie Babies. Not thumbs. You get what I mean. Just watch it!

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