Seven Movie Trailers for 2012 That Look Promising

Anyone else here somewhat amped for the new movie crop of 2012? We’ve got some good comic book action. Comedies don’t look that horrible. There’s a new look at high school and a potentially huge Tom Hanks movie. Not a bad start if you ask me.

Anyway, I wanted to share the trailers for seven movies which I’ll definitely be seeing in the new year….

Project X


If any of you have ever seen the movie Kids I feel like this movie has given off a somewhat similar vibe.  I don’t think it will be as sexual and vile in nature but I don’t think it might give a glimpse into a realistic depiction of high school life.  Granted it will go overboard as all films do but this trailer sure as hell does a solid job of making me interested.

American Reunion


Look, of the first 3, 2 were good, one sucked and this one certainly has promise.   Maybe it’s because I’ve been following the “American Pie” franchise from the same vantage point as the movie and I can relate.   I’m at that age where people are married, have kids, and love the reunion potential.  So why wouldn’t I be interested in this film?  I say there’s a 75% chance it’ll be funny.

The Avengers


This is one of those “I have to see this just because” movies.   Trailers always look interesting.  To tell you the truth I have a feeling this movie is going to be horrible.  I mean having a super powered archer, iron man, Thor, and Captain America all in the same room?  It just seems kind of lame.  I mean can’t all of them save the world by themselves?

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close


At this stage in the game it’s inevitable that I’m going to see a Tom Hanks movie.  However, what’s interesting about this film is that I think it’s success is going to rely on a child.   It’s a big risk for any director which I’m giving a 50/50 chance of panning out.  The story looks interesting so that at least is a good start.

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  1. you want a dexter review? IT SUCKED.. happy now? the whole season sucked, the last episode was terrible and the last couple of minutes could have been an awsome cliffhanger, but they just made everything else so shitty it didn’t ever matter..
    and stop waiting for other people to give a review so you can copy it word by word and tell it as your own.. watch it and create your own opinion..that’ll give you a fix..

  2. I’m not sure about Spider-man. I like Garfield as Peter, but the origin story has just been done too many times. Everyone knows how he becomes Spider-man. They should just do a comic book type opening credits going over the spider bite scene, and start the film with him at least a few months into being Spider-man.

  3. Extremely Loud and Incredibly close had a limited release in 2011, and so it should end up in this year’s Oscars, so it’s not really a 2012 movie. It’s pure Oscar bait and I hate Julia Roberts so I don’t know that I care to see it.

  4. re: The Avengers

    The whole point of the team is for facing the threats no single hero can cope with. Most often this seems to be groups of super villains, alien invasions, invading armies. Things that are just logistically impossible for a single person (or god) to handle.

  5. dammit… no edit button…
    as to whether or not The Avengers will be good, that’s largely up to Joss Whedon. Unlike many of his most recent efforts, there is a large guaranteed audience for this movie, and his ability to handle ensemble casts is proven. His recent failures (if you wish to call them that) are due to the unique nature of his shows and their difficulty in finding an audience rather than issues of quality (I can’t really speak for Dollhouse as I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet).

  6. Batman is the only one i am excited to see, Bane should be a little more modded up, thought Nolan is good at what he does i think he missed the true spirit of Bane, and why not Clayface?
    As uncoolaideman said, rehash after rehash really kills it. i especially do not want to see peter parker as some little ankle biter with an overbite. Spiderman was pretty much dead after #3, i think its safe to say everyone lost interest.
    Premium Rush seems like a Hitman archetype mixed with 2 scoops of Crank and a dash of Dave Mirra. NOT INTERESTED!
    Project X, please. That was the least entertaining trailer i have seen since Plan 9: From Outer Space. Who wants to see a bunch of kids partying? Over used plot device 4 please?
    American ______. I’ll be waiting for American Funeral so i can finally stop seeing that stupid font.
    Meh to Avengers. Could go either way really.
    Extremely long titled movie seems like PS I love you and Rin Tin Tin. No thanks.

  7. What, no MIB III? That one looks freaking awesome.
    Someone explain to me why they re-did Spiderman. It’s not like the first movie didn’t tell the story. This looks idiotic to me. I LOVE the Spiderman movies. Tobey Mcquire, although maybe not perfect for the role, did a great job. He played the geek side well. If they want to f the first movie and redo it, then there better be more Spiderman sarcasm like in the comics. Then it might be worth it.

  8. @ Amy

    Haha. I’m curious, what about that trailer looked “freaking awesome”? The wipe your mind joke that they had already run into the ground 30 minutes into the first one? No, it must be Josh Brolin’s hilarious Tommy Lee Jones impression! Bleh. If there was one franchise that did not warrant a third film it was Men in Black.

  9. @ Fatpie 42

    I meant in general, not just the spider-man franchise. The origin of the superhero is a necessary chore for every series, and Spider-man already got theirs out of the way. But no, now we are going to be forced to watch it again.

  10. “But no, now we are going to be forced to watch it again.”

    No one is forcing you to do anything.

    In Raimi’s movie he gets bitten by a genetically-modified spider during a school trip. This new movie isn’t going to do the same thing, so I’m interested to see what they do instead. Hopefully it (along with the rest of the movie) will be a little less goofy.

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