Seven Hours to Kill? Watch This Fascinating Star Wars Documentary

star wars

Update: Watch the videos here that aren’t stolen YouTube rips.

It’s not as brutal as the Red Letter Media reviews, but it’s worthwhile nonetheless. Some crazy person sat down and cut together an absolutely fascinating documentary that includes everything you could ever hope to know about the Star Wars movies.

Don’t worry, just the ORIGINAL Star Wars movies.

I’ve only watched about twenty minutes so far (seven hours is pretty much my entire workday), but I recommend you do what I did and bookmark this so you can come back and keep watching over time. Really interesting stuff here, and I imagine I’ll be a more educated nerd when I come out the other side.

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  1. For the love of god, please put the stupid auto-playing video AFTER the JUMP

    John Williams is awesome and all, but I’d rather not have him blast out of my speakers every time I back out of an article.

  2. It wasn’t exactly a “stolen YouTube rip” – the originals had been taken off YouTube and this guy just wanted to share them with the public through that site again. There was no attempt to claim they were his.

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