Seven Funny Scenes In Horror Movies

Horror movies are meant to be scary. The suspense, the shocks, the blood, the screams – all work together to give you nightmares or maybe just be extra careful when you’re walking to your car in the middle of the night. But as we’ve come to learn in recent years, pulling of a truly scary movie is a lot easier said than done.

Many, and I mean many, “horror” movies end up being funny. Mostly it’s the ridiculous little things that make them humorous. Like when a woman stabs a corn into the back of a police officer, or when an old lady gets murdered with a basketball. Yup, all of these things have happened in horror movies.

Check out seven funny scenes in horror movies….

Sleepwalkers – No Vegetables, No Dessert


I mean, she’s already in the kitchen. Couldn’t she have picked up a knife instead of a corn? Gotta hand it to Stephen King though, for thinking of a new way to backstab a person.

Jeepers Creepers – Passionate Kiss


The look on Justin Long’s face says it all. This scene gives making out a whole new meaning.

Troll 2 – Oh My God!!!


Seriously? The kid in this scene needs to go back to acting school. Still, it’s pretty darn funny.

Deep Blue Sea – We’re Not Going To Fight Anymore!


Russell Franklin’s (Samuel L. Jackson) death couldn’t have come at a more hilarious and inappropriate time. The poor guy just finished giving a very inspiring speech and then gets eaten by a super intelligent shark. Talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Deadly Friend – Deadly Basketball


I’ll admit, watching this as a kid is pretty scary. It might create some absurd fear of basketball or even dodgeball (no wonder…). But watching this now, it cracks me up. To think that some kid out there thought a basketball could do this to the human body is insane.

Psycho II – You’re Sure You Won’t Have A Sandwich?


She should have said ‘yes’ to that sandwich.

The Exorcist – You Spin My Head Right Round


Alright this one’s a bit creepy, but all the cursing is hysterical. And that head spin at the end is exceptional.

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  1. I’m a big fan of the random kung-fu kid in Cabin Fever. And the payoff joke at the end with the “racist” old white guy that owns the general store.

  2. I think Hostel and Texas Chainsaw Massacre are two of the funnier classic (Hostel’s classic status being debatable) horror movies that nobody seems to really get. Little things in Hostel like the hound keychain (seriously?)or the moment where all of the antagonists practically line up in front of the protagonist’s car in a moment of ridiculous serendipity or the Hitchhiker’s antics and the first death resembling the slaughter of cattle as described by him are really funny if you have a nasty sense of humor.

  3. How about nearly all the rest of An American Werewolf in London, besides the terrifying parts with the wolf attacks. Especially during David’s first transformation, when he’s on his back, looks directly into the camera and reaches one mostly-changed paw towards the audience. Of course, AAWiL was _supposed_ to be funny when it wasn’t scary the jeebers out of you.

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