Scott Pilgrim vs. The Dubstep


Do you like dubstep? No? I don’t care.

This is a really cool video which takes footage from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and mashes it up with appropriate dubstep tracks. The whole freaking movie is practically one long dubstep video, so it’s not a surprise it was easy to find music that matched.

I wasn’t the MOST enormous fan of the film, but it is sad that it was deemed a box office bust at the time, because it was just so different than anything else out there. I blame the collective dislikability of both Scott and Ramona, but who cares? Those visuals were just too amazing not to love.

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  1. I thought Scott Pilgrim looked stupid when it was in theaters but as soon as I watched it, I was surprised by how much I liked it. I’ll admit the style of the movie can be a turn off to some though.

  2. Man…I love this movie, and I love dubstep. This was just the shittiest selection of dubstep tracks, such a great idea though. Good dubstep and bad dubstep need more separation than church and state.

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