Satoru Iwata Tribute at the Nintendo Store in NYC


Wow, this has really grown from the last time it was posted.  So many bananas! And somebody left him an Espurr from the store. I got the same one when I was there last month.   Also, good on everyone for not stealing the Ness Amiibo.

The fact that someone left their own Wii remote there for him hits me really hard. I’m just imagining all the fun times I’ve had on my own Wii, all the memories that have happened with the controller in hand, to give it away would mean a lot to me, and I hope Iwata would’ve felt just as happy about the gesture this person gave to him.

I’d probably tear up reading even a quarter of what’s on that table. It’s a beautiful tribute that people made for him.

(Click on the photo for full size)

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