That Guy Actor of the Week: Richard Masur

If any of you are familiar with the movie License to Drive then you can be sure you know who Richard Masur is.  You might not know him by name but you definitely recognize this guy.  He’s the sweet lovable dad type who has an incredible mustache.  Masur is great at playing the sensitive type who could easily get taken advantage of.

In particular I loved him in And the Band Played On, Shoot to Kill, and as the college recruiter in Risky Business!  Yup, he was in that.  Right now Masur does mostly television but come on, with 122 credits to his name this guy deserves a place in the “That Guy” hall of fame.

I sure as hell didn’t know his name.  A clip of Masur:

This might be the best trailer ever.

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  1. He was in Risky Business!? Darn, this guy was everywhere!

    Just checked IMDB and he was in My Girl, Stephen King’s IT, even MASH. I sure as heck didn’t know his name either 0.o

    I like the quote from his imdb page:
    “I’m a familiar face, but rarely do people typecast me. I’ve been very lucky that way.”

    I’ll say, LoL

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