Replacing Guns in Movies with Thumbs Up

boondock thumbs

Another day, another magical use of photoshop. Steven Spielberg once famously replaced all the guns in ET with walkie talkies to make the film a bit more kid friendly and 100% more stupid. Well, what if that trend was amplified, and walkie talkies were still too dangerous? After all, you could CALL someone with a gun on them.

Well, that’s where “Thumbs and Ammo” comes in. It’s a photoshop project that replaces guns in movies with a harmless thumbs up. It¬†certainly¬†changes the mood of all the scenes featured, and turns action heroes and evil villains alike into a bunch of chill guys and gals.

I’ve pulled my favorite selections from the blog which you can check out in a gallery below:

no country for old thumbs

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