Ranking the Five Best Companions in Fallout 4

The video game “Fallout 4” can get lonely when you’re wandering around in the dangerous wastelands. One of the best features of this survival game is that you’re given the option of choosing a companion to accompany you on the journey. Although it’s optional, we think it’s a good one. Your relationship deepens through the game and it can help you to gain some great Affinity Perks to gather bonuses throughout the game. The right companion can help to ease the loneliness and even make the game a little more fun and exciting. Every player is different and has his or her preferences in character types. There’s a companion or two out there for everyone. If you learn a little about them, you might discover that you’ve met your perfect partner. Who knows? You can also cultivate romantic relationships with some of the companions. Here are the five best-ranked companions in “Fallout 4” as rated by seasoned players.

5. Deacon

Deacon is a character that will keep you amused and entertained. This character does have his flaws though. If you can get past his habitual lying and the fact that he’s not the most trustworthy in every situation, he is a funny guy. Deacon is good with a sniper rifle so he’ll help you out more in long-range fighting scenarios. He brings a few things to the table you might find useful. His cloak and Dagger perk increases the duration of stealthy boys by forty percent and sneak damage by twenty percent. Perhaps just don’t depend on him to be a good spy and you’ll get along famously.

4. John Hancock

If you’re partial to stylish companions, then Hancock may be a suitable companion. He’s by far the most stylish. Just check out his fancy attire. He has some character traits that you won’t be able to resist. His introductions might leave a lot to be desired, but when it comes down to brass tacks, he’s one of the most loyal companions in the game. He’ll hassle you at first, and he can be over the top in abrasiveness, but there’s another side to him if he’s your friend. You’ll see that from time to time, you just need to look past his frequent outbursts and get to know him. Hancock is a good choice for a companion. He will always have your back. You might even be entertained by his methods now and then.

3. Strong

Sometimes it’s better to go with a super mutant for your companion. Strong is a companion that comes with the highest base HP with 70 special stats. He’s got superior strength and although it seems unlikely by the looks of him, his agility is also high. If you’re a good friend to him his growing affection will result in an increase in damage you can inflict with melee weapons when you’re health is low. We’d say that’s a nice perk to acquire for developing a solid relationship with a friend. Every companion has its downside, and Strong has his share. He can only wear super mutant armor so normal armor won’t work for him. That’s not such a bad flaw. The rest is all good. Give him a Super Sledge and this powerful companion will plow the field ahead of you, making your enemies a part of history. He’s also heavy and he makes a great mule. Strong may not be the most attractive companion, but he’ll grow on you. The goal is to make sure that you grow on him as well.

2. Nick Valentine

Nick Valentine is a name that we see frequently mentioned in forums about which companions are the best. Although he’s not the number one for everyone, he is for some, so we’ll keep him at number two. Nick is a robot that has a heart of gold and a soul to boot. He acquired the latter from somebody else, but he’s in possession of it, so we dare you to try to take it from him. Nick can always use a little more help with his private investigations. He’s one of the few pure persons in the game. Nicky is a charming robot. Another good thing about Nick is that he knows his way around the Commonwealth. Just look at those piercing eyes of his. Nick is an excellent choice to pick as a companion to keep you company. He can help keep you from getting lonely/ Good old Nick Valentine is always willing to try to give you a hand with whatever it is you need.

1. Curie

Curie was ranked as the number one pick as a companion by The Gamer. Her flat HP rate is 440. You must admit that’s impressive by anybody’s standards. Curie isn’t for every type of player. If you’re looking for a monstrous killing machine, then you’ll be disappointed. Curie is a companion that is more into trying to sustain life. She may not be the first to go out and whack your enemies, but she is definitely going to have your back. Curie makes an excellent back up for any player. She’s waiting there as your back up. When your back is against the wall, she will wade into your enemies and attack them right along with you. Curie is a sweetheart. She is also one of the most beautiful companions in Fallout 4. Having her around might be more aesthetically pleasing than a few of our other less attractive companions. She makes an excellent companion if you’re looking to ease your loneliness. It’s not difficult to develop a relationship with her that will deepen throughout the game. Curie can make the adventure a lot more fun and make you look better in the process.

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