Ranking Katee Sackhoff’s Top Five Television Characters of All-Time

Katheryn “Katee” Sackhoff has had a successful career as a television and film actress since 1998. She was born in Portland, Oregon on April 8, 1980 and graduated from Sunset High School in 1998. She had ambitions to be a swimmer but suffered a knee injury. Always interest in acting, Katee was cast as a teen mom in the Lifetime movie “Fifteen and Pregnant” starring Kriisten Dunst right out of high school and knew she wanted to be an actress. Katee got some small parts in popular television shows including ER, Cold Case and Law and Order before her big break in 2004 when she won the role of Kara Thrace in Battlestar Gallactica. Here are Katee Sackhoff’s top five television characters.

1. Lieutenant Kara Thrace

Her role as Lieutenant Kara “Starbuck” Thrace on “Battlestar Gallactica” shot Katee Sackhoff to fame. In the 2004 remake of the popular 1978 sci-fi hit, Lieutenant Thrace is one of the main characters. It’s also an evolving and complex character. Starbuck is vulnerable and insecure yet at the same time she is strong. In the beginning of the series Starbuck did not value her life. She was easily willing to sacrifice her life for the lives of her shipmates. By the end of the series, however, Starbuck has a newfound respect for life and she’s also very tough. Sackhoff has said that she based the character on Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor in “Terminator 2: Judgement Day”. Starbuck is beautiful yet tough and physically in great shape. She loves to gamble and loves to drink. She has a temper and is a cocky fighter pilot. The iconic character has appeared on two episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” as the object of Howard Walowitz’s dreams.

2. Dana Walsh

In 2010 Katee Sackhoff played Dana Walsh, Senior Data Assistant of the CTU New York in the eight season of “24”. Dana was engaged to Cole Ortiz, the CTU’s Director of Field Operations. She was also working undercover with the Russian Federation in a plot to assassinate Omar Hassan. When she was 17 years old her name was Jenny Scott. She and her boyfriend were convicted of murder and grand theft auto and she was sent to prison. Jenny was released after 5 years because she testified against her boyfriend. Russians helped her gain a new identity in exchange for working undercover for them. Her ex boyfriend finds her and blackmails her for money. Dana wants out of her affiliation with the Russian Federation. After the assassination of Omar Hassan, Dana is forced to give Jack Bauer evidence. He kills her.

3. Victoria “Vic” Moretti

In the series “Longmire”, Katee Sackhoff starred as Deputy Sheriff Victoria “Vic” Moretti, a Philadelphia homicide detective. The series ran from 2011 to 2017. At the beginning of the series Vic has moved to Wyoming from Pennsylvania with her husband Sean Keegan. While in Philadelphia, Vic had an affair with her boss, Ed Gorski. After turning in Gorski’s partner who then commits suicide, Gorski seeks revenge on Vic. Vic ends up divorcing Sean and has a volatile on again off again relationship with Gorski who loses his wife. The show and the character of Vic had a diehard fan following. She ends up becoming the “bionic woman” Jaime Sommers’ first sparring partner.

4. Sarah Corvus

Katee Sackhoff starred as Sarah Corvus in the 2007 reboot of “Bionic Woman”. In the television series, Corvus’ backstory is that she had been badly injured in a car accident that her sister was killed in. She became the first bionic woman implanted by the Berkut Group. She remains resentful of this. She eventually trains with the newest bionic woman, Jamie Summers. She begins to lose control of herself due to her shortened lifespan and the bionics, goes rogue and kills 14 members of Berkut before being killed by her trainer and lover.

5. Nell Bickford

Although it only ran for one season, “The Education of Max Bickford” starred Richard Dreyfus and Marcia Gay Harden as well as a young newcomer, Katee Sackhoff. The television series ran on CBS from 2001 to 2002. Richard Dreyfus played a professor at a New Jersey all women’s school. His daughter Nell was a student at the college. Although the series didn’t last long, many noticed the beautiful young actress who played Nell. It would lead to guest roles on shows like “ER” and the 2003 miniseries, “Battlestar Gallactica” that became a series and perhaps Katee Sackhoff’s biggest role.

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