It Should Be A Movie By Now: Voltron


Are you a child of the 80’s? If you are then welcome to another loving flashback brought to you by yours truly. Voltron was one of those cartoons that I didn’t see when it started because I would’ve been 2 – I know, slacker. Well it was definitely one that I got into a few years later. One that even now I find myself asking, why haven’t we had the pleasure of watching Voltron slash through his enemies on the silver screen yet?


Let your senses tingle as you watch this clip:

Any guess who’s voice that is? You only get 1 guess.

Let’s think about this like normal level headed people shall we? What live action movies are out there that resemble what this cartoon was … give up? I’m sure the first thing that you and everyone else thought of was POWER RANGERS! See below:

…this just makes me sad

Before you go getting upset about me not liking the rainbow crew, consider this. The Power Rangers show you know and love was created to be the equivalent of a popular Japanese show called the Super Sentai. This spectacle was created in the late 1970’s and was the foundation upon which not only the Power Rangers were created, but where Voltron and a slew of other cartoons like it were spawned. I kid you not, the Power Rangers technically came before Voltron. Stomach that and we’ll proceed.

This makes it all the more frustrating and confusing. We got a bunch of horrible acting “teenagers”, horrible sets that are no better than cheap porn sets, and horrible costumes for monsters that rival that of the old Godzilla get ups … but no Voltron live action movie? The Power Rangers have had 2 movies and I hear tell that there is a third on the way in 2016. Did I miss something? What was so bad about a beloved cartoon show that has over 50 episodes (I’m only referencing the classic Lion episodes here) and a devoted fan following? Do we not deserve to see this epic space brawl on the big screen? Sure, the cartoon had it’s flaws, but no more than the Power Rangers – and they got plenty of chances to do it right. I’m sure that if we allowed Voltron to battle Megazord for the right to see the big screen, we all know who would win.

no contest 

As with many of these posts, there was talk about a Voltron movie that was going to make it to a live action film. At one point in time, there was even concept art thrown around the interwebs getting me all excited that something like this was actually going to happen. Sadly, nothing has happened and my dreams were once again crushed by the sad fact that not everything I read on the internet is true.

no, this is not the concept art, but isn’t it awesome?!


Should I even cast this movie, do you guys and gals out there care to know who I’d like to see in these films? I don’t know if you do, but I’m going to trudge on and do so anyways (if I’m lucky, someone might see my casting choices and decide to actually make this movie! – leave me alone, I can continue to dream…)

Keith – Jared Leto

Lance – Zac Efron

Pidge – Jake Cherry

Sven – Ian Somerhalder

Hunk – Kevin James

Allura – Dakota Fanning

Well that’s it everyone. Do you think that we need a Voltron movie? Has anyone heard any more rumors about a supposed Voltron movie being made – that might be true? If so let me know in the comments and I’ll see you next week!


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        1. It’s all good – I did – and the ending is epic! Man – this just makes me wish it was made into a feature film even more. Thanks for letting me know! 🙂

  1. Aren’t the guys you picked for Keith, Lance and Sven the same person with different haircuts and lighting? Kevin James would make a perfect Hunk though!

    1. Well, if you look at Keith, Lance and Sven they all look similar and are similar in build etc. I picked them based off of previous acting roles really and the characters that they’ve played. (using those traits I think that they would all fit the roles of these significant characters etc.)

      aka – I don’t just think about the “look” only 😉

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