Crappy Must See Movie Of the Week: Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

It’s funny because every time I post something about a “crappy movie recommendation” I happen to love the movie.  I just know that deep down it happens to not be a great movie by most conventional standards.  But if we go back to the year 1985 we can discover a hidden gem that didn’t get much press.   It was a movie called Remo Williams:  The Adventure Begins.

Back in 1985 you had your ridiculous comedy type movies and when you talk action you’re talking stuff like Bloodsport and Kickboxer.   That’s why this movie was so refreshing.  It came before the Predators and Commando’s of the world. Plus it starred Fred Ward!   He plays an ex cop who is trained by this crazy master who teacher him how to walk on water, catch bullets and become a human weapon.   His mission?  Eh, I’ll let the trailer take care of it.

Trust me, this movie is a must see. 

This movie kicks ass.

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  1. Like Kaeyne, I loved this flick as a kid. Even after realizing the offensive “yellow face”, I still readily admit to liking it to this day. Now, Breakfast At Tiffany’s? Fuck that racist shit.

  2. Loved this film – it got me into “The Destroyer” novels and the authors Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy (Murphy wrote the screenplay for the original Lethal Weapon movie I think too).
    This was also supposed to be the pilot episode for the TV series based on the books, but ended up just being the movie only.
    Remo Rocks and so does Chuin.

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