Raising a New Generation of Nerds: The X-Wing Bed

X-Wing Bed 18

When I was a kid, my dad assembled a wooden fort/jungle gym in the basement that I used to crawl all over despite the copious amount of splinters it gave me. Using my imagination, it could be anything. My castle, my space station, whatever I could envision.

Well, this kid won’t have to imagine at all. His dad went a little bit further and just straight up built his kid a spaceship to play in. It’s an X-Wing, as you can see, but is also more than just a bunch of painted wood. You can do everything from adjust the wings (open or closed) to play DVDs on it.

The bed part of the bed is underneath, as the cockpit is a bit too snug for sleeping, and there’s a lot of faith being put in daddy’s construction abilities. One misplaced nail and it looks like Yoda would have to be there to pull a repeat performance of his X-Wing lifting from Empire.

Check out the rest of the bed below:

X-Wing Bed 1



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