Queen of the Afterlife

Something like this speaks to how rich the Mass Effect universe is, that even minor characters are being cosplayed with this level of dedication. I swear this is going to be our new Star Wars if Bioware plays their cards right.

Yes, this is Aria T’Loak, the Asari boss of Omega and lord of Club Afterlife, that has the best beats in the galaxy. She was a vital part of a few of the missions, and I have thought she was going to join Shepard’s crew. Maybe in the next game?

Above and below you’ll find the work of Love-Squad, a cosplayer extraordinaire who has crafted the absolute best Asari costume I’ve seen to date for Aria. I hope she continues to do more characters. I need to see my lady love Liara brought to life damnit! Oh wait, I cheated on her with Miranda and Tali, nevermind.

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