The Problem with Actually Having Superpowers (Comic)

Super1 Super2 Super3 Super4 Super5 Super6

Via Dorkly

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    1. Of course it will, but sadly it’s still real rough for women in all fields to have the respect they deserve. Plus if they don’t fit the “IT LOOK” it just makes it so much harder. Starting out for lots of them it’s a nightmare.

  1. Im a girl…and I still know how to laugh at the math one..because I’m more the power ring anyway. I’d do the same if I had the force aswell. WOO! LAZY SUPERPOWERS FOR THE WIN

  2. I’m gonna be that guy about the first one so here we go…

    The laws of physics does not apply to The Flash. That’s like asking, “How does The Flash breathe while traveling at super speed?” or “How can The Flash stop on a dime and make precise turns without him being effected by inertia?”

    And the answers to these and all the other Flash questions can be answered with this…

    Because of the Speed Force.

    Carry On ­čÖé

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