When Tintin Met Lovecraft

I’m proud to say that while everyone is floundering trying to figure out what the hell this new “Tintin” movie is from Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg, I am well versed in the series, and read practically all of the books when I was a child.

I am not proud to say that I have never actually read an H.P. Lovecraft book, and I don’t even think I’ve seen a movie adaptation of one of his stories.

But today we’re combining these two things, courtesy of artist Muzki, who decided it would be cool if Tintin got inserted into some Lovecraft stories. The result? Some pretty amazing book covers, the rest of which you can check out below:

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  1. You can get a TON of Lovecraft stories on the Kindle app for iPhone, iPad or iTouch for like $2 on Amazon.com. Probably the best two bucks you’ll ever spend if you have any interest in horror literature.

  2. If you’re interested in reading the works of Lovecraft you could also check out this site http://www.hplovecraft.com/ .
    It has pretty much all the fiction he wrote and some letters.

    And I don’t really think there could be a really good Lovecraft movie either, but I haven’t read all of his stories (yet) so I might be wrong. I feel too much is just hinted at, and the impossible geometries would have to be portrayed somehow, which would probably ruin the whole, “barely imaginable” part.

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