Pretend to Be a Badass with Your Very Own Official Sons of Anarchy Jacket

I’ve been investigating what it would take to put together a Sons of Anarchy Halloween costume for years, but I lacked the patch sewing abilities and the beard to pull it off.

But now? FX has finally wised up and realized the one item of SOA clothing people wanted was the signature jacket. They’ve just added a whole bunch of them to their online store, and they range in price from “reasonable but less cool” to “badass but expensive. The one that EVERYone practically wears on the show is $400, but you can look like Jax pretty well if you just buy the $270 one. The Piney-inspired denim one is only $140.

Might be a bit pricy for a Halloween costume after all, but if you want to act like a badass in everyday life, here’s your ticket. I still can’t grow that beard though.

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  1. Im just saying — my brother was in the Outlaws, and I wouldn’t be caught dead by a 1% wearing a bottom rocker ( even if its fake) that I didnt earn. Fox is just setting themselves up for a sh17ton of wrongful death lawsuits.

  2. There are no bottom rockers on any of those jackets, and none of them are kuttes (or even sleeveless), so they are NOT like the ones on the show. Nobody will confuse you with a real biker in any of these…

  3. Check out They have the real vests with the Sons of Anarchy patches and everything. Cheap too. Also, have Sons of Anarchy costumes for Halloween.

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