10 Dark Facts About Skeletor You Probably Didn’t Know

He-Man and Skeletor were the two main opposing characters in a series of comic books, a television series, and a film. All three were called He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and were based on characters and stories that originally featured in DC Comics. Skeletor is the villain in these stories, and He-Man battles with this villain to defend the secrets of Castle Grayskull and the realm of Eternia. While Skeletor is a well-known character, there are many things that people do not know about him. Here are ten dark facts that you probably didn’t know about Skeletor.

10. He is He-Man’s Uncle

In the original mini-comics, there were hints that there was something more to the relationship between He-Man and Skeletor than simply superhero and villain. Fans didn’t learn the full truth until 2002 in the television series when it was revealed that Skeletor is He-Man’s uncle. This is not uncommon in superhero stories as many comics and television series have related heroes and villains.

9. He Was Once the Victim of Racism

Skeletor once went by the name of Keldor. He was the half-brother of Randor who is the father of He-Man. Although Skeletor was the air to the throne, his father passed him over and handed the throne to Randor based on the color of their skin.

8. It is Uncertain Whether He Has a Neck

There is some uncertainty over whether Skeletor has a neck or not. Originally, Skeletor wore a hood and images gave the impression that his head was simply floating above his body. In later versions, Skeletor’s appearance changes. In some, his hood is drawn back, and he clearly does not have a neck. In others, he has a sliver of yellow where you would expect to see his neck.

7. An Acid Attack Cost Him His Face

Fans wondered why Keldor had become the faceless Skeletor and the secret behind this was finally revealed in 2002. Keldor faced Captain Randor in a one-on-one battle during an attack on the Hall of Wisdom. When Keldor threw a vial of acid at Randor, it rebounded off Randor’s shield and hit Keldor in the face. This stripped his face away from his skull and led to the villain becoming Skeletor.

6. He Was Responsible for the Death of Superman

Many characters crossover in comic books, so it did not surprise comic fans when Superman appeared in a He-Man comic. In that edition, Skeletor devises a cunning plan and tricks He-Man into stabbing Superman, which leads to his death.

5. Skeletor’s Ghost Was His Servant

Many of the characters that appeared in He-Man: Master of the Universe television series originated from the line of toys that were produced by Mattel. One of these was the Scare Glow, which came with a mini-comic that explained its origin. The mini-comic described the character as the ghost of Skeletor and Skeletor enslaved his future self.

4. He Almost Killed the Thundercats

In 2016, the Thundercats and Masters of the Universe teams got together to create a mini-series called ‘He-Man/ Thundercats’. In the series, the Thundercats’ villain, Mumm-Ra, steals He-Man’s sword. Even though Skeletor and Mumm-Ra hate each other, they team up to defeat their enemies. Mumm-Ra stabs He-Man in the chest, while Skeletor almost kills the Thundercats.

3. He Was Eaten by a Snake

Eternia is a land filled with bad guys and some are much bigger and eviler than Skeletor. One such character was King Hiss, a giant snake that used magic against the residents of Eternia. In one storyline, King Hiss ordered another giant snake to eat Skeletor.

2. He Is Very Lonely

It is hard to feel any sympathy for a villain and it is also hard to think of them being sensitive and having feelings. It wasn’t until the live-action film was made that fans learned that Skeletor was extremely lonely and this led him to feel despair.

1. He Tried to Kill His Teacher

Hordark was the evil teacher who taught Skeletor how to become a villain. He helped him with his plan to try and kill He-Man. Hordark was trapped in an alternate dimension but wanted Skeletor to free him. Skeletor decided, instead, to let his teacher waste away. Eventually, HOrdark freed himself and tried to kill both He-Man and Skeletor. From then on, Skeletor and Hordark had a complicated relationship where they became both enemies and supporters of each other.

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